Wholesale Women's Hats

Wholesale women's hats come in many different designs for use on casual and dressy occasions. Straw styles are among the more popular summer designs. Women's straw hats are made of raffia, twisted grasses, Panama straw and vegetable fibers. Used in cowboy, beach and dress styles, these types of straw allow adequate ventilation and weigh very little, making them well suited for warm, sunny climates.

Straw hats can be made dressier by dying the fibers or adding bands, feathers or beads to the crown. Some women prefer to purchase untrimmed styles, so they can accessorize them with their favorite scarves or a floral bunch, creating a new look each time the hats are worn.

Large-brimmed swingers are often worn at the beach, the pool or on vacations in the sun. Protecting the wearer from harmful UV rays, swingers come in a variety of brim sizes to suit the facial shape and bone structure of the wearer.

Fashionable, cosmopolitan cowboy hats have also become popular among young women, especially when the straw is slightly tanned to look worn and rugged. Dressed up with leather or beaded bands, these styles also come in self-shaping brims that can be bent or straightened to the wearer's preference.

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