Wholesale Venetian Masks At AWNOL

Wholesale Venetian masks from Accessory Wholesale add an element of mystery and opulence to your store, cart, kiosk or website. Derived from a tradition that dates back to the 13th century, these gorgeous masks come in a variety of traditional and contemporary shapes, including the full-face Bauda, the half-face Columbina and those derived from Commedia dell'Arte characters such as Pantalone, Zanni, Arlecchino, El Capitano, and Pulcinella. More contemporary styles include the Phantom of the Opera and a variety of mimes.

Wholesale Venetian Masks for Men, Women and Children

The El Capitano mask for men is a favorite among our wholesale Mardi Gras masks, with its dashing attached tricorn hat. Children's wholesale masquerade masks are available with or without a fun beaded veil, while women have a wide range of exquisite styles to choose from, including

  • butterfly
  • cat
  • baroque
  • veiled
  • crowned
  • feathered
  • sequined

Wholesale Venetian masks are distinguished by complex designs and lavish gilding, making them extremely popular for decorative uses as well as for masquerades. In addition to our wearable wholesale Mardi Gras masks, we also offer wall masks in the Venetian style.

You can stock up on a wide variety of our wholesale Venetian masks and other styles of wholesale masquerade masks, since each type can be bought separately, unlike other distributors that require you to purchase a dozen or more of any one type. We ask only for a minimum order of $75 overall, and give you free shipping on orders over $200. You can also get an extra five percent discount on orders over $500.