Wholesale Sunglasses At AWNOL

When you visit us here at Accessory Wholesale, you'll find so many styles of wholesale sunglasses and wholesale reading glasses that you'll be able to completely stock your business in no time. We're your one-stop resource for all kinds of wholesale fashion accessories.

Wholesale Sunglasses, Novelty Glasses and Reading Glasses

Here you'll find affordable versions of all the most highly desired designer sunglasses styles. Our wholesale sunglasses come in rimless, aviator, wraparound, half frame, contour and sports styles, with mirrored, smoke or colored lenses. (Please note that when a style is available in several colors, your shipment will contain an assortment.) We carry styles and sizes of wholesale sunglasses for men and women.

In addition to fashion styles, we also carry a great selection of novelty sunglasses for Mardi Gras, parties, raves, or just for fun. There are bats and kitty cats, googly eyes, cards and dice, and a fun variety of cocktails, including martinis, margaritas, daiquiris and bloody Marys. We have great diva glasses too, including a fabric-wrapped frame studded with sequins.

As our population ages, reading glasses provide an excellent profit base for accessory boutiques. Among our wholesale fashion accessories, we offer a range of stylish wholesale reading glasses for men and women, in a variety of magnifications. Economy styles include animal prints, rhinestones, aviators and wire rims at prices that encourage your clientele to buy several pair. Some styles come with aspheric lenses, which means less distortion. Buyers can choose the power of magnification, but colors ship assorted.