Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

Wholesale rhinestone jewelry is popular for accenting elegant and casual fashions and can be found in bracelets, sparkling pendants and costume tiaras. Initially termed rhinestones because of their Rhine River origin, these faux gems used to be hand cut and finished. Swarovski's glass-cutting technology revolutionized this tedious task, and the Swarovski technique is still successfully used worldwide.

True rhinestones--also called Austrian crystals--are made with a mixture of glass and lead that increases their refractive properties and makes them dazzle. Novelty rhinestones--available in craft stores--are often made from resin or acrylic, making them less expensive and more durable than their glass counterparts. Both types of crystals have unlimited ornamental benefits and can be used to make jewelry, decorate purses and clothing, accent hair accessories and adorn sunglasses.

Primarily produced in the Czech Republic and Austria by Preciosa and Swarovski, today's contemporary diamond look-alikes are found on cell phone cases, flip flops, denim apparel and MP3 players. Though they are inextricably tied to country musician and Vegas showgirl costumes, rhinestones are also a staple in elegant and informal costume jewelry designs.

Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry Company in New Orleans

Boasting a large store in the heart of Louisiana, Accessory Wholesale, Inc. carries dozens of wholesale Austrian crystal jewelry pieces. The company specializes in supplying the bridal, fashion and tourist industries with bulk wholesale jewelry, hats and accessories and ships within the United States and worldwide.