Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

Wholesale rhinestone jewelry provides an affordable way to enhance outfits that are on display in your store or add more sparkle to a look that's being photographed. Wholesale rhinestone jewelry is often available from a wholesale jewelry distributor in the same styles as today's best fine jewelry. If an outfit would look great with bracelets or earrings with diamonds and other gemstones, there's no need for you to put such costly pieces on display in your store or use them in photographs. Instead, use wholesale rhinestone jewelry from a wholesale jewelry supplier to create a dazzling effect for less.

Find a Large Selection of Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry at a Wholesale Jewelry Distributor

While photographers and boutique owners turn to rhinestone and crystal pieces to complete outfits, businesses that sell accessories to teens and tweens can stock their shelves for prom by working with a wholesale jewelry distributor. Accessory Wholesale is a wholesale jewelry supplier with more than two decades of experience, so we know how to find rhinestone bracelets, earrings and pins that will fulfill your clients' dreams. We also have an assortment of rhinestone letters that can be used as initial pendants or to make bracelets. We carry sophisticated crystal necklaces and brooches from top manufacturers that also include rhinestones.

Rhinestone jewelry is just a small part of the inventory that we carry. We also have pieces made from quality glass and semi precious gemstones such as turquoise and amethyst, as well as a wide selection of fashion watches and hats. You can also find collections inspired by our showroom's location in New Orleans--you won't find a better source of accessories for Mardi Gras, as well as Cajun and jazz themes.