Wholesale Reading Glasses At AWNOL

Accessory Wholesale is your top source for wholesale reading glasses, wholesale sunglasses and other wholesale fashion accessories. We offer a great range of price points and an excellent array of styles for men and women.

Let's face it: the older we get, the more likely we are to need reading glasses--and the more likely we are to lose them. Stocking up on wholesale reading glasses for your accessory boutique provides a steady source of income, especially when they are priced to encourage customers to buy several pairs.

Wholesale Reading Glasses Offer Fun and Convenience

Our wholesale reading glasses are offered in a range of prices, but most are so economical that your clientele will feel comfortable buying several pair. That means they can have a rimless pair of half frames for work, some basic plastic frames to keep around the house, and maybe a rhinestone-studded or leopard-print pair just for fun.

We also carry a wide range of styles in wholesale sunglasses. Among our offerings are:

  • aviator
  • shields
  • rimless
  • wraparound
  • oversize
  • sport
  • contour
  • monolens
  • half frame
  • classic

Lenses are available in colors as well as in smoke and mirrored finishes. Please note that frame and lens colors of both reading glasses and sunglasses will ship assorted. You may select the magnification of reading glasses.

We have a great selection of other wholesale fashion accessories too. Browse our catalog to see our offerings in fashion jewelry, hats, handbags, masks, souvenirs, gifts, bridal accessories and more. Our minimum order is $75. We offer free shipping on orders over $200 and an extra five percent discount on orders over $500, so stock up now and save.