Wholesale Prom Jewelry

Girls want to look their best for prom, but they don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. Accessory Wholesale Inc. has the jewelry that girls want at prices that will delight them. This resource carries thousands of accessories that are just right for prom, including rhinestone jewelry, satin handbags, elbow-length gloves and so much more.

Accessory Wholesale Inc. has been supplying the fashion industry with modern, stylish pieces for years. It carries choker-and-earring sets, long earrings that brush the shoulders, pearl-and-rhinestone pieces and many other styles. From crystal and gemstones to rhinestones, this resource has a wide enough selection that every woman can find just what she wants. There are demure looks and "look at me" styles, as well as pieces that harken back to a more glamorous era.

The prices offered by this Louisiana company are so low that, for the price of one piece of jewelry elsewhere, a woman can deck herself out from head to toe in sparkling and elegant items. There is gemstone jewelry, brooches and pendants. There are bridal sets, party sets, Mardi Gras and pageant jewelry, and even tiaras! It pays to stock your shop here, as most women will find that they never need to look anywhere else.

Look Like a Princess on Prom Night

Prom night is a special, never-to-be-repeated time, and you want to offer jewelry that makes your customers look and feel their best. This means not having to compromise on glamour and sophistication. Accessory Wholesale Inc. has the jewelry every girl needs to feel like royalty.