Wholesale Pendants

Fashion jewelry is an economical and fun way to accent office wear, casual clothing and elegant dresses. Drawing attention to facial features and accenting the neckline, pendants are an important part of any jewelry ensemble.

Fashion Jewelry Essentials

There are some necklace and pendant designs that are considered fashion staples, including pearl strands, diamond solitaires, gold or silver chains and lockets or engraved pendants.

  • Pearl strands: Small pearls can be worn with casual, professional or formal outfits, accenting them in a conservative, traditional way.
  • Diamond solitaires: A generous jewelry gift, diamond solitaire pendants make a classic, versatile statement. Whether worn with jeans or to a black-tie event, diamond solitaires transition easily from outfit to outfit.
  • Chains: Available in a variety of lengths and finishes, fashion chains can be thrown on over a t-shirt or used to showcase an elegant pendant. Versatility and durability are the reasons that chains are classic accessory items.
  • Lockets and engraved pendants: Worn to show off a photo or message of love, lockets and engraved necklaces make personal gift items for women of all ages.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. carries fashion jewelry in flamboyant and traditional styles and designs. Jewelry retailers can select from their extensive catalog of semi-precious and costume designs, from cubic zirconia and faux gemstones to genuine freshwater pearls. Accessory Wholesale stocks a variety of costume products that boutiques and fashion dealers need to round out their accessory sales collections.