Wholesale Mardi Gras Masks

The market for wholesale Mardi Gras masks is recovering splendidly these days, and it isn't hard to guess why. As New Orleans gets back on its feet and this singular population asserts its right to celebrate life once again, the major holidays that define this region are roaring back to the fore. Today that means not just New Orleans, but the nation as a whole, is getting into the fun.

Mardi Gras masks represent one of the most enjoyable parts about living in the French-influenced Deep South, and the masks themselves come with a number of distinctive features:

  • Beautiful beading as suits the decadent nature of this celebration.
  • Exotic feathers to give each wearer something of a mysterious masquerade glow.
  • And of course, a staple of wholesale Mardi Gras masks everywhere: sexy fits that highlight your bone structure.

Fun Wholesale Mardi Gras Masks

Whether you are looking for feathers or sequins and stay-on or on-a-stick masks, there may be no more comprehensive selection of Mardi Gras masks on the Web. This hardly a coincidence, of course--Accessory Wholesale has been in business in New Orleans since 1985, and we have put down deep roots in this unique community. Today our masks grace the faces of revelers across the nation and around the world, helped into each set of hands by our unbeatable wholesale prices.

If you want to sell eye-popping items such as these, please feel free to browse our full catalog of Mardi Gras masks. We are expanding the list all the time, so remember to check back often for the latest wholesale offerings. Let the parade begin!

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