Wholesale Ladies Hats

When retailers select women's wholesale fashion hats to sell at a storefront, website or boutique, there are many things they should consider.

  • Buy headwear with a variety of different brim sizes. Brim sizes should be correctly scaled to the wearer's body, slightly dipping in front of the face, without covering it.
  • Invest in a variety of fabrics. While some customers will prefer understated leather or straw looks, many people like to mix it up with ornate or showy fashions. Print hats can add flair to solid outfits.
  • Encourage female customers to play up their makeup and other accessories when choosing a more masculine hat like a fedora or bowler. The feminine contrast can make the look.
  • Avoid purchasing too many large-brimmed, exaggerated hat sizes. Most people cannot carry off the traditional "sombrero" look. Accent your inventory with a few of these, without going overboard.
  • Add a variety of fabrics and colors to your collection. Just like clothing, certain hat colors go better with particular skin tones. Black hats may tend to wash out paler skin while other colors may make skin look sallow. Stock a number of different colors and patterns to complement a variety of complexions.

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