Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

The problem with many wholesale jewelry suppliers is that they offer little more than knock-offs and children's toys. Although you may find an actual semiprecious stone mixed in among the bunch, what's more likely is that the items you receive will be largely comprised of blended metals, plastic and spray paint. These clearly do not represent the full range of lovely products you want to make available to your customers.

Here at Accessory Wholesale, we understand how difficult it can be. That's why we have designed this site as a comprehensive resource for retailers large and small, especially those looking for sterling quality at affordable prices. Browse through the pages you see here and you will inevitably find a number of pieces so elegant, you can scarcely believe these items come from a wholesale jewelry supplier.

Tasteful Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

We cover the full range of appealing wholesale jewelry here, from amethyst and whinstone to jade, crystal and more. Whether you are looking for dangling earrings or an elegant pendant, Accessory Wholesale helps you find accessories that will truly make your customers proud to leave the house. And with outstanding relationships with suppliers across the country, we are constantly on the lookout for exciting new options.

Accessory Wholesale has been one of the country's leading wholesale jewelry suppliers for many years now, and today we are proud to still be growing after more than 20 years. If you want to learn more about anything you see here, simply call or write today. We look forward to making contact.

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