Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

Businesses ranging from bridal boutiques and designers to photographers and theaters can find many of the accessories that they need from a wholesale jewelry supplier. Accessory Wholesale is a wholesale jewelry supplier specializing in discount jewelry made with semi-precious gemstones, high-quality glass and rhinestones. These pieces of discount jewelry have the same sparkle and style as more costly pieces, but can be yours at a fraction of the price. As a large wholesale jewelry supplier, we also carry wholesale accessories like evening bags, handbags, scarves and tiaras. At Accessory Wholesale, you'll find pieces to suit tastes that run the gamut from funky and modern to romantic and vintage.

Get Bridal Jewelry and Accessories From a Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

We have more than 20 years of experience as a wholesale jewelry supplier, during which time we've worked extensively with the fashion and bridal industries. Among the products that we carry in our inventory are bridal gloves, tiaras and bridal jewelry sets. With the wholesale accessories available from our store, your business can provide brides with a selection of items that will put the crowning touches on their special day and look stunning in photographs. From elegant faux pearl bracelets to earrings in styles ranging from drops to cascades, our customers can offer their clients the pieces to make romantic dreams come true.

In addition to the pieces for brides and bridal parties, we also have accessories designed for other celebrations. We carry discount jewelry for Christmas and other religious occasions, and you'll find pieces for Halloween and Mardi Gras, too.