Wholesale Jewelry Distributor

Commercial photographers and retailers can find the accessories that they need to create perfect pictures by shopping at a wholesale jewelry distributor. With wholesale accessories and discount jewelry, you can get the style and pizazz you're looking for at a fraction of boutique prices. Rather than buying a few costly items that can stretch your budget to the breaking point without covering all of your fashion bases, you can get a broad selection of wholesale accessories and discount jewelry. Retailers also won't have to worry about any single piece being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Work With a Trusted Wholesale Jewelry Distributor

Among the concerns that you may have before purchasing fashion accessories and jewelry from a wholesale jewelry distributor are the quality of the items offered and the service of the provider. At Accessory Wholesale, we have worked with the fashion, bridal and tourist industries since 1985. In our large inventory, our customers will find many styles of bracelets, necklaces and pendants. With our years of experience, we can also provide our customers with information on the latest fashion trends. Unlike many online wholesale jewelry distributors, we have an 8,500-square-foot walk-in showroom that customers can browse.

In addition to providing an extensive selection of fashion jewelry including pieces with crystals, rhinestones, semi-precious stones and quality glass, we also offer wholesale accessories with a local flavor. It's no coincidence that we have a large selection of wholesale items with Mardi Gras, Cajun and jazz themes since we're based in the great city of New Orleans!