Wholesale Jewelry Companies

Let's face it: not all wholesale jewelry companies are created equal. There are some that seem to peddle little more than cheap knockoffs of designer brands--hardly convincing, and hardly the kind of ethos you want to offer your customers. Here at Accessory Wholesale, we take a different approach, one borne out of over 20 years of working closely with the finest manufacturers in the industry.

The wholesale jewelry you see here represents the legitimate creative efforts of a number of talented people who understand this industry well. These are no mere plastic copies, but instead original works that come bearing their own beauty, integrity and style. Unlike some companies that bundle cases of similar items with little regard for what's inside, at Accessory Wholesale we give you precisely what you want with every order.

More Discriminating Wholesale Jewelry Companies

Clients respond. In the time we have been operating out of our celebrated New Orleans warehouse, we have become one of the most respected wholesale jewelry companies in the country. Whether you are looking for elegant gemstones or religious pieces, we can help you track down ideal options for the customers whose loyalty you treasure.

There are some wholesale jewelry companies that offer little more than the most basic, stripped-down versions of bracelets and earrings. Look through our catalog of 5,000 items if you want to zero in quickly on the real thing--gorgeous necklaces, pendants, figurines and more. We believe you will be thrilled with the quality of what you see.

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