Wholesale Jewelry And Accessories

Jewelry and accessory retailers can select products from dozens of online wholesalers, but those new to the fashion business may find it challenging to identify a competitive, trustworthy purchasing source. The following should be kept in mind when looking for wholesale merchandise suppliers:

  • Legitimate jewelry and accessory wholesalers generally have minimum-purchase requirements, and many will only sell in bulk quantities.
  • Authentic companies will ask retailers for tax identification numbers or resale permit numbers in order to verify their legitimacy.
  • Most reliable companies offer a reasonable exchange or refund policy to buyers. It is important to check into this policy prior to ordering large quantities of sight-unseen items.
  • When purchasing through an auction site, buyers should ensure that wholesaler reviews from past clients are positive.
  • Buyers need to compare product prices carefully. The term "wholesaler" is misused by some companies that are actually retailing jewelry at only slightly discounted prices.
  • Retailers should determine whether a company's jewelry and accessory collections match their current product needs.
  • Buyers should make sure that the products they purchase are credible by reading the fine print before purchasing. Gold may mean gold-plated, and products with diamonds may actually contain faux stones. It's important to read the sales copy with a critical eye to differentiate costume offerings from authentic pieces.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. Is a Reliable Source for Jewelry and Fashion Items

Offering over 5,000 jewelry and accessory products, Accessory Wholesale, Inc. provides free ground freight on United States orders over $200. The company carries gemstone, rhinestone and costume bridal collections in addition to discounted hats, scarves and sashes. Interested retailers can search the online catalog for fashion design options.