Wholesale Hats

Retailers will find dozens of hip styles this year when shopping for wholesale hats. While not everyone can pull off accessorizing with headwear, hats are must-haves for 2008 fashionistas.

Classic Wholesale Hat Styles

Accessory styles come and go, but the following classic designs have timeless appeal:

  • The fedora, typically worn on the back of the head, is a soft, felt style that is slightly creased at the front and on the crown. Fedora loyalists include Indiana Jones and the Blues Brothers.
  • Trilby is a felt style with a pinched crown. This style is a narrow-brimmed version of a fedora. Immortalized by Inspector Clouseau in the "Pink Panther" series, this design has also been worn by Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.
  • The pork pie is a felt or straw style like the fedora and trilby but with a flat top. Popularized in Britain during the mid 1900s, pork pies are often associated with jazz or blues musicians like Marcus Miller.
  • The bowler, commonly called a derby by Americans, is a fashionable combination of a formal top hat and a casual, flat felt design.
  • The Panama, an Ecuadorian hat made of straw, is a lightweight style preferred for hot climates due to its light color and breathability.

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