Wholesale Freshwater Pearls

There are few items that blend luxury and affordability better than wholesale freshwater pearls, which may be why so many clients tell us they are their best sellers. Unlike saltwater pearls, which often recall bygone eras, the freshwater variety is universally seen as fun, funky and fully customizable. Whether you are looking for dyed versions or the more classic shimmering white type, you may have found the last site you'll ever need.

Freshwater pearls offer an easy way to create a decadent glow at minimal expense. At Accessory Wholesale, we offer wholesale prices on a wide variety of items that integrate these natural jewels. From elegant bracelets to dazzling earrings, this is a catalog designed from the ground up to meet every taste and trend in your discerning customer base.

Up the Ante with Wholesale Freshwater Pearls

One of the best ways to accessorize with freshwater pearls is to blend them with other items in your inventory:

  • Try mixing them with beads and ribbons for a richer look.
  • Pair them with elegant hats to give your customers a sense of what's possible.
  • Or you can always mix wholesale freshwater pearls with other supplementary accessories for a complete transformation!

It has never been easier to get started. At Accessory Wholesale, we carry wholesale freshwater pearls for every taste and occasion, up to and including truly stunning accessories for a formal evening. If you want to learn more about the provenance of these natural beauties or simply speak with a courteous expert today, do not hesitate to contact the Accessory Wholesale team by phone or email today.

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