Wholesale Fashion Sun Glasses

Modern, edgy sunglasses are the mark of a truly stylish person, and there are wholesale fashion sunglasses resources out there that can offer you a top selection of these must-have accessories. Accessory Wholesale Inc. is a top wholesaler based in New Orleans that carries thousands of accessories, including a wide variety of the most stylish sunglasses available. The company offers aviator styles, "Gucci-look" options, rimmed and rimless styles, and sport styles, among others.

Sunglasses don't have to cost a fortune to look like a million bucks. Consumers, however, will pay a great deal for the right glasses. They want frames that flatter the face, lenses that block the sun, and options that complement their own personal styles. Stocking a good selection of the latest sunglasses and offering them at reasonable prices is a great way to build business.

Accessory Wholesale Inc. carries great-looking sunglasses for just a few dollars apiece! This allows buyers to go crazy when stocking their shops. Now, you don't have to stick to one look, or cater to just one type of shopper. These glasses are the styles seen in hip magazines and on top models, and your customers will love them.

Accessory Wholesale Inc. also carries jewelry, hats and novelty items. Offering aviator glasses with cowboy hats will appeal to urban cowgirls. Offering "Gucci-look" glasses and matching hoop earrings will appeal to the sleek, street-savvy shopper. There are thousands of ways to create fashion excitement with the selection at Accessory Wholesale Inc.