Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

A top wholesale fashion jewelry resource will have pieces in all shapes, sizes and colors. Women everywhere want to express themselves, and they can do it when they find pieces that are as fun and elegant as they are. A winter hat in rich colors, accented with a few tasteful feathers can make a woman feel luxurious and stylish. A rhinestone choker with matching earrings can turn a ho-hum evening into a glittering night out.

The key to stocking fantastic wholesale fashion jewelry is knowing where to go to find the best pieces at the best prices. There is a New Orleans wholesaler that has an 8,500-square-foot showroom with thousands of accessories available--and who also offers these pieces on the Internet. This resource is Accessory Wholesale Inc., and it is the ultimate resource for all fashion details.

Accessory Wholesale Inc. is located in a city that is famous for glamour and style, for fun and energy. The jewelry, hats and other accessories offered by this superstore reflect this commitment to looking one's best every single day. The choices range from demure faux pearl-and-rhinestone bridal jewelry to daring Mardi Gras pieces. There are tiaras, lace gloves, and brooches, as well as Swarovski crystal sets and satin handbags.

Keeping a fresh and appealing selection of accessories in your boutique is easy with Accessory Wholesale Inc.'s low prices. You can pass those savings onto customers to build a loyal client base. You'll be able to expand to stock seasonal jewelry, novelty items, holiday pieces, and hats for summer, winter and fall.