Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier

As a fashion jewelry supplier, Accessory Wholesale offers a wide range of products that will appeal to your customers. You'll find hundreds of styles of wholesale fashion jewelry necklaces, including chokers, chains and pendants. When you need to change your displays frequently to stay current for teens and tweens, the prices from a fashion jewelry wholesaler make it possible to complete trendy looks with ease.

Partner With a Fashion Jewelry Supplier to Dress Up Your Displays

In addition to stocking up on wholesale fashion jewelry that your customers may want to purchase, you can also work with a fashion jewelry supplier to accessorize clothing, handbags and other items that you're selling. Whether your store sells casual attire or formalwear, use pieces from a fashion jewelry wholesaler to make your displays more appealing to your customers. Photographers can also use these accessories in shoots to demonstrate possible ways to dress up an outfit, a technique which often increases sales.

Accessory Wholesale has worked with companies in the fashion and bridal industries since 1985. We carry pieces from many well-known manufacturers, including Best. From velvet and patterned chokers to fashion rings, watches and hats, we select the best in classic and modern looks to offer our clients. You'll also find rhinestone and quality glass jewelry, letting you find the looks that will interest your customers at a single fashion jewelry supplier. Contact our staff today and we can point you toward the pieces that will be popular among your customers, based on the latest fashion trends and your location.