Wholesale Fashion Hats

Many accessory retailers carry a variety of wholesale hats since they are popular for accenting clothing, protecting the skin and expressing the wearer's individual style. While many customers want to purchase a hat, they are often unsure about how to choose a style and shape that will complement their facial features. Retailers and fashion consultants who can assist with hat selections are valuable resources to their customers.

People with long, thin faces generally look better in hats with wide brims and low crowns that will balance their facial shapes rather than elongating them further. Individuals with round faces commonly look best in headwear with tall crowns and average-sized brims. Wearers with heart- and oval-shaped faces can get away with nearly any hat as long as they steer clear of broad brims that narrow their jawline. In general, most people do not look good in "sombrero" styles with oversized brims. While wide brims can occasionally balance out fuller figures, they tend to overpower most frame sizes.

As a fashion retailer, it's helpful to encourage women who purchase headwear to experiment with their hairstyles. Tucking hair behind the ears or wearing a ponytail is often the best way to carry off hats, but it takes patience and experimentation to perfect the look.

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