Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Entrepreneurs interested in starting an accessory retail business need to consider the following questions before finalizing their business plan and purchasing from wholesale fashion accessory suppliers.

  • Will the business operate online or have a physical storefront?
  • What types of styles will the store carry? What demographics will be targeted?
  • What types of accessories will the business carry? Should the inventory include just jewelry or expand into handbags, scarves, hats, hair clips and belts?
  • What will the pricing structure be? Will the business cater to boutique-savvy shoppers or attract bargain shoppers as well?
  • If the business begins in a physical storefront, what are the plans for utilizing the Web to expand?
  • Which wholesalers will supply the merchandise? How will the wholesalers be selected?

Startup companies also need to consider inexpensive ways of promoting their new fashion lines since half of the business battle is making customers aware of the presence of their new retail outlets. Blogs, press releases, flier distribution and word of mouth are some of the "free" ways to advertise a new business. As any fashion business begins to grow, it is also important to set aside a percentage of revenue for increasing the client base.

Accessory Retailers Can Purchase Discounted Fashion Merchandise From Accessory Wholesalers, Inc.

Accessory Retailers, Inc. sells bulk jewelry, hats, hair accessories, handbags and more, marketing their products to jewelry stores, clothing retailers and fashion consultants. Start-up businesses can order from a variety of product lines to meet their $75 minimum order, and orders over $200 include free shipping. Shipping within the U.S. and internationally, Accessory Wholesale representatives can help new businesses order market-specific merchandise over the phone or online.