Wholesale Earrings

Wholesale earrings come in dozens of styles, including hoops, studs, dangles and droplets. Available in a range of sizes, hoop earrings offer classic designs that accent casual and dressy clothing. The most simple hoops are gold and silver hammered and smooth designs, but costume styles also come bejeweled with cubic zirconia, rhinestone and faux gems. Made in both modestly small and large, dangling designs, hoops are accessory staples.

Studs range from basic gold and silver designs to synthetic gems and rhinestones, cut to catch the light and placed in four- to six-prong settings. Studs accent the ear by appearing to sit on the lobe without a visible connector. Wholesale studs are popular fashion accessories and are considered by many to be essential, classic wardrobe elements.

Wholesale dangle earrings can vary in length from less than 1 inch long to styles that brush the shoulders. Often worn for dressy or elegant occasions, costume dangles can be covered in rhinestones or simulant gems and pearls. Intricate dangles are often worn by brides, flowing from the earlobe to draw attention to the wearer's face.

Combining the stud and dangle look, droplet earrings are made of an earlobe stud with a single pearl or teardrop gem dangling from it. Many droplet earrings are elegantly designed to accent black-tie attire or accessorize for special occasions.

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