Wholesale Designer Hats

Designer wholesale hats range from glorified baseball caps to straw designs accented with hatbands, beads and feathers. Bulk hat quantities can be purchased at a discount by buyers who plan to resell them, use them for fundraising or distribute them for a large party or event.

Wholesale baseball caps are not just for sports fans. Caps accented with rhinestones, pinstripes, sequins and embroidery make fashion statements when worn with jeans or workout clothes. Military-shaped fatigue caps have become trendy as well.

Wide-brimmed swingers and dress hats with bows, ribbons and lace trimmings make elegant accessories for church, luncheons or charity functions. Made from felt, satin and straw, these vintage-looking hats can be accented with feathers, flowers and finery to mimic Kentucky Derby designs.

Cowboy hats provide shade and flair for men and women. Most commonly found in straw and felt styles, these accessories are rugged, functional and popular among ranchers and city folk. Felt designs tend to be heavy, making them better for cooler climates. Straw designs allow for ventilation and sun protection and are practical for hot weather.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. Sells Fashion Designer Hats in Casual and Formal Styles

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