Wholesale Cowboy Hats

Retailers who are planning to place an order for wholesale cowboy hats can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and materials. These western accessories, commonly called Stetsons, have wide, gently curled brims and indented crowns. The headgear can also be personalized with fabric or leather hatbands, feather accents or other accessories to suit the individual wearer's personality.

Felt designs are good for protecting the head from UV rays, but tend to absorb heat during extreme sun due to the fabric thickness. Felt cowboy hats work well for everyday use, however, because they are durable and maintain their form over time.

Straw styles are made from woven strips and often coated in a finishing lacquer, so they remain stiff and retain their initial shape. Air can pass through the spaces between strips, making the hats ideal for warm climates. Straw designs are not as effective against sunburn and the danger of UV rays, however.

Half-breed cowboy hats are made of one-half felt and one-half straw. Either material can be used on the brim or the crown, depending on the buyer's style and the desired sun protection. Half-breed designs stand out due to their unique styles and color contrasts.

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