Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Wholesale costume jewelry, also called fashion jewelry, does not contain precious metals or expensive gemstones. It is inexpensive, fun and available in vintage and contemporary styles--perfect for people who love to accessorize but don't have lots of cash to burn.

Popularized with designers like Coco Chanel, costume jewelry is meant to be an eye-catching, often flashy accessory item, offsetting both trendy and elegant clothing designs. Designed with glass, plastic or synthetic stones and sterling silver, gold- or silver-plated chains and accents, some high-quality costume pieces become collectibles over time, largely due to their creative design.

Today's brides and businesswomen appreciate kitschy, unique fashion jewelry, especially if it is well made. Retailers should be discerning when purchasing wholesale accessory items. Prongs and latches should be solidly attached, faux gems should be shiny and each piece should feel substantial -- not like children's play jewelry. Retailers should also purchase from a wholesale dealer they can trust, making sure that none of their purchases contain lead plating or other unsafe materials.

Accessory Warehouse, Inc. Carries Wholesale Vintage Costume Jewelry and Bridal Pieces

While some vintage costume pieces have become increasingly expensive, there are many reasonably priced, well-made reproductions. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is a reputable source for vintage reproductions, faux and semi-precious gemstones and contemporary fashion jewelry. From bridal jewelry with vintage flair to Victorian-style brooches, Accessory Wholesale, Inc. carries hundreds of inexpensive pieces with intricate detail and subtle sophistication. Fashion and accessory retailers can browse the company's online catalog.