Wholesale Costume And Fashion Jewelry

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has worked hard over the last 20 years to develop a meaningful line of wholesale costume and fashion jewelry for retailers. They provide you with a unique selection and excellent pricing that gives a buyer plenty of room for profit. Their website navigates so easily that as a buyer you can easily target which among the over 7,000 products you want. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. primarily serves businesses, but they also work with fundraising groups, churches, choirs, dance groups, and individuals with high volume orders. (Their minimum order is $75.)

If you are a retailer looking to attract customers to your online storefront or physical shop location, you need variety. Hard-to-find items are a great way to stand out among the competition, and Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is the place to get them! Their selection of wholesale costume and fashion jewelry is gleaned from the best worldwide, and pre-screened for quality that will sell.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. also offers a newsletter to which you can subscribe to get great tips about choosing and selling their merchandise. For example, you'll get straightforward figures on which items have the best markup and high profit potential. You can also find out how other retailers have most successfully positioned the items, which items are top sellers, and which are likely to yield lower profit but encourage additional buying from drop-in customers.

The assortment of wholesale costume and fashion jewelry you'll find is really unmatched. There are bridal jewelry and gloves, hats and bags for all occasions, and jewelry for daily wear and special occasions. And because the company is based in good old New Orleans, you are guaranteed an exceptional selection of Mardi Gras jewelry, hats, masks, and all the other paraphernalia your customers will want no matter where they're celebrating Fat Tuesday. Browse the catalog online now to see this great wholesale costume and fashion jewelry inventory!