Wholesale Bridal Accessories

If you are a bridal boutique, you want to offer a wide enough range of bridal accessories to appeal to brides of every style. Women want to stand out on this most special of days. They want to be unique and lovely, and they hunt high and low for the boutique that will cater to them.

The prices offered by Accessory Wholesale Inc. on all types of jewelry and bridal accessories are outrageously low. Elegant gloves and evening bags are priced below $10! This allows boutique owners to stock their shops with the best and brightest jewelry and accessory selection in town. You can carry pearl-and-rhinestone bracelets, wedding tiaras, elbow-length gloves, and much, much more.

Savvy Boutiques Know Where to Stock Up!

Accessory Wholesale Inc. is based in New Orleans, a city known for its love of glamour and drama. The 5,000-plus accessories offered by this company range from modest to dramatic, from elegant to outrageous. Brides, party-goers, and other elegant women will love it if you bring the selection of Accessory Wholesale Inc. straight to them--at prices below those of your competitors.

Prices on bridal accessories can climb sky-high, which is exactly what brides are trying to avoid. They have enough to pay for, including napkins, wedding favors, shoes, and--of course--the dress. When you can offer them the accessories they want at prices they can afford, you will build a reputation as a superior bridal resource.