Wholesale Bead Jewelry

Wholesale bead jewelry is one of the most popular varieties of accessories for retailers large and small. It isn't hard to guess why--bead jewelry in general tends to be affordable because it uses few, if any, precious materials. Combine creative workmanship and solid marketing and you could easily sustain a 100-percent markup. Thankfully, Accessory Wholesale provides wholesale bead jewelry from some of the most affordable and reliable manufacturers in the industry.

What do you get when you buy through us? The short answer is integrity. Accessory Wholesale has been offering fashion and costume jewelry from our warehouse in New Orleans since 1985, and today we are widely regarded as one of the industry leaders in a competitive field. We take care to work with outstanding producers and make a point of giving all of our clients individual care, resulting in a full generation of close relationships.

Wholesale Bead Jewelry to Be Proud of

The bead jewelry you see on this site is some of the finest in the marketplace, including everything from elegant earrings in sterling silver to whimsical necklaces that come in a rainbow palette of jewel tones. Add in wholesale prices that simply undercut the rest of the market, and it's no wonder that we continue to add loyal clients each year.

Finding good-quality bead jewelry at fine wholesale prices has never been easier. Take a look around this catalog if you want to appreciate the full range and breadth of our jewelry offerings. Check out the scarves and figurines and you may find yourself returning daily just to see what's new!

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