July 2005 - Summer Theme Jewelry and Accessories Newsletter
July 2005

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Summer Sales Builders
Cute designs in theme bracelets

Fun ties for the guys

Sashes from sequins to polkadots

Our Fastest Selling Summer Item
roll up cowboy hat
Roll up Cowboy Hats

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chandelier earrings
Fabulous designs in chandelier earrings


Hot where you are at? You know that it is really hot when you don't even want to go get lunch, especially where we are located (in New Orleans with all that great food). So now we need something really exciting to get the customers out buying. If they are not motivated by fashion alone, we have an idea that is a time tested winner. Identify with what they really love through themes.

Michael Gietl
school pendant
Cute Theme Jewelry Crafted with Quality
Boost Sales with Themes

Everyone has something that is really dear to their heart. It can be their pet, ballet, their garden, the LSU Tigers, or a million other things. Theme jewelry motivates these customers and the one manufacturer that stands out in producing quality fashion jewelry in themes is "Best Brand". There is hardly a theme or mascot that this line does not touch on in pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Type nearly any word in "search" on our site and something will come up in this line. Occupational, seasonal, pets, flowers, sports, inspirational-it's all there.

Right now school is getting ready to start and along with that football. Sports and local schools are excellent markets for numerous retailers. "Best Brand" not only has the themes, but also the quality. Each piece is crafted as carefully as fine jewelry. You will find Best Brand's line under the category of fashion jewelry on the site menu. Look in the sub-categories of fashion earrings-theme, fashion pendants-theme, and bracelets-stretch. Find the chokers for the pendants in the sub- category of fashion chokers. So if something pulls heart strings in your area, "Best Brand" can be a sales booster.

blue rhinestone
Add Excitement to Formal Jewelry
Fresh Bridal and Formal Looks with Themes and Color

Exciting new designs are also being created with themes in formal jewelry. Butterflies and flowers are especially good. Add to this new colors and we have a beautiful fresh look in bridal and formal jewelry. Ice stones in soft pink and blue are especially popular. They have a frosted glass look. New colors like turquoise and coral are available and there are sets in purple, lavender, light green, red, and black. The colors create fabulous rhinestone jewelry for brides as well as bridesmaids.

Accessories in Themes
Fun Accessories for Guys and Gals

We just can't have enough of a good thing, so let's add some accessories. What would be more appropriate in the summer heat than sun visors? Novelty visors not only identify with the central theme, but they are colorful, comfortable, and cute. You can find sports, sea life, pets, wildlife, music, and oodles of other themes under visors. We have covered a lot of items for the gals, but what about the guys? You can include them with a popular selling accessory- men's theme neckties. Whether football fan, golfer, classic car enthusiast, or computer programmer- there is a theme for them.

So much goes on this time of year to give us sales opportunities beyond the brick and mortar business. If things are slow in the shop, you may want to take the show on the road. Think of the all the outdoor events that are squeezed into the summer months- festivals, school and church picnics, craft shows, little league playoffs, fund raisers for youth trips, and just about everything that has to be done outdoors. And we saved the best for last-selling themes is fun.

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July 2005 - Summer Theme Jewelry and Accessories Newsletter