Semi Precious Jewelry Supplier

Businesses in the market for semi precious stone jewelry and fashion accessories should look for a single jewelry supplier who can meet all their needs. Rather than ordering one set of products from one jewelry supplier and turning to another for a different line, you can reduce the hassle and save money by purchasing wholesale semi precious jewelry and other accessories from a single jewelry supplier. At Accessory Wholesale, we offer an extensive array of fashion accessories at wholesale prices, so your business can buy large quantities of semi precious stone jewelry at the best prices you've seen.

Find Many Styles of Wholesale Semi Precious Jewelry at an Experienced Jewelry Supplier

Whether you are looking for a traditional style or contemporary flair, you won't be disappointed in the selection that we offer. Those looking to create dramatic color palettes, whether to dress up a window display or accessorize the wardrobe for a photography shoot, will find gemstone and beaded bracelets in fashion colors. For a classic touch, symmetrical designs featuring soapstone or amethyst can complete a lovely look.

Purchase Rhinestone Jewelry From Your Jewelry Supplier

In addition to our selection of semi precious stone jewelry, we also have rhinestone jewelry in many styles. Among the rhinestone bracelets in our inventory are pieces with gunmetal plating or pave crystals. If you're curious about which pieces are most popular in your market, contact our staff today and we can advise you on the latest fashion trends.