Rhinestone Jewelry

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then rhinestone jewelry is her soulmate. Jewelry is a girl's best friend--and always will be. Actually, jewelry can be a friend to anybody! Rhinestone jewelry has always been favored in the jewelry relationship because of its glamour and shine at a low cost. If you are seeking a wholesale supplier of gorgeous rhinestone jewelry, Accessory Wholesale Inc. beats the competition, one piece of jewelry at a time.

Accessories can be one of the greatest sources of profit for a business, especially if the selection is appealing to customers. The jewelry at Accessory Wholesale Inc. is not only well made and fashionable, but also on the cutting edge of jewelry trends. Located in the glamorous city of New Orleans for the past 18 years, Accessory Wholesale Inc. offers an unbeatable, beautiful selection of wholesale costume jewelry. Many of the rhinestone pieces are set in silver plating and feature hard-to-find colors. There are vintage pieces with antique silver and colored crystals.

If you are looking to add this glitzy jewelry to your lineup, it is a wise choice. Rhinestone jewelry has remained a constant seller through the past several decades. A fashionable piece of rhinestone jewelry will change any clothing ensemble from common to stunning. Accessory Wholesale Inc. carries rhinestone bracelets, earrings, pins, and elegant evening and bridal sets.

Browse the Accessory Wholesale Inc. website at awnol.com to view the selection of over 5,000 pieces of striking costume jewelry. All prices are wholesale, and several items have an additional quantity discount. The minimum order is $75, and almost any quantity of an item can be ordered unless specially marked. You can also reach Accessory Wholesale Inc. at 1-504-736-0357.