Rhinestone Earrings

You can't turn on a television or open a magazine without seeing mention of the newest trends in feminine fashion, and this year it's all about the sparkle. Paris Hilton shows up at nightclub parties wearing necklaces and earrings that drip diamonds. Jessica Simpson wears enough glittering jewels to buy a house just to go shopping. And the women who read these magazines and follow these trends are following their examples.

For every trust-fund baby or million-dollar celebrity out there wearing Cartier, there are thousands of women who want to imitate the look without spending that kind of money. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. can help your store satisfy their need for sparkle with rhinestone earrings, necklaces and more. The earring selection at Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is enormous, and the glittering beauty of a well-made pair of earrings can be the foundation of an entire look.

Whether your customers are looking for simple drops of color or sparkle, something funky and eclectic, or just a dazzling display of light, Accessory Wholesale, Inc. can supply it. Put just a couple of examples of each on your store's accessory rack or in your earring carousel; you'll be amazed at how quickly they fly off the shelves. Young or old, women want these earrings!

Rhinestones and Austrian crystals can give just as much shimmer and class to an outfit as diamonds and gemstones at a fraction of the cost. Let Accessory Wholesale, Inc. help you class up your customers' outfits by adding a beautiful pair of earrings. You can even mix and match them with other pieces in our collections of rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, and tiaras for a complete put-together look.