Prom Jewelry Sets

Each year prom season manages to take a number of stores by surprise as hordes of girls descend upon them looking for the perfect prom dress, prom shoes, and prom jewelry sets. The generation of girls going to prom now have been watching shows on MTV like My Sweet Sixteen and The Fabulous Life of . . . , and they want jewelry that will make them feel like the rich and famous girls they see on TV. Jewelry sets from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. can give them the look they want without bankrupting their parents.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. features a dizzying variety of styles and shapes that will have all of the prom shoppers in your neighborhood calling your shop the place for "mad bling." (Don't worry--that's a good thing!) They also offer a number of boutique-style pieces that are great for customers looking for a more eclectic look for their special night.

Even stores that pride themselves on selling the most tasteful and classy of jewelry can find pieces to sell in Accessory Wholesale, Inc.'s selection. They certainly have plenty of huge pieces filled with rhinestones and crystal that sparkle like a Tiffany's window display. But they also have more classy and understated looks, like their cubic zirconia star charm pendant and their mother of pearl necklace set, both of which are beautiful to look at and would fool even a well-trained eye.

A girl deserves to get exactly the look she wants for her prom--after all, for many, it's the culmination of years of dreaming and planning. Your store can help this happen for all of your clients by stocking a variety of jewelry sets during prom season. Best of all, you'll get repeat patronage from clients who are thrilled with the way you helped them make a splash for their prom.