Pink Hats

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. offers a tremendous variety of pink hats, red hats, and purple hats to retailers in the fashion and accessory businesses. The company offers a selection gleaned from merchants around the globe. There are classic looks, as well as contemporary and modern hats, so retailers can select whichever styles seem to be best oriented toward their target market.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. offers a number of lovely swinger hats adorned with flowers, as well as more formal wide brim dress hats and casual and funky fedoras. There are party hats, church hats, and hats that can be worn to formal occasions or outdoor weddings. If you operate a retail establishment near a beach, put up an informational pamphlet about protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays, and sit back and watch your hats sell!

Red and pink hats are essential apparel for the ladies of the Red Hat Society and the Pink Hats (the younger ladies in the RHS). If you are operating a retail establishment in an area with a chapter of the Red Hat Society, providing members with their fun and outrageous red, pink, and purple apparel can be one way to enhance your business.

Pink and red are also popular around Valentine's Day, and pink is a big seller around Easter. Pink is also the color associated with breast cancer awareness (and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October). Essentially what this means is that there are holidays and causes year-round for which pink is the color of choice, so pink hats always have a market!