Novelty Ties

Novelty ties are a great way for your store to have a little bit of fun with your customers, and they can be used to attract traffic to your shop. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has many different types of ties that can appeal to just about any demographic, as well as some hard-to-find items that a savvy retailer can use to position their shop ahead of the competition. It's all a matter of knowing the people who live in your area and choosing the particular type of unique ties that are best suited to your market.

For example, Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has a great series of religious themed ties. These feature scenes from the life of Christ, the Visitation at Lourdes and other images that celebrate faith and make a statement. Many of these ties are perfect for men who want to display their faith proudly during Holy Week or around Christmas. They're also big sellers in communities where many people make a point to attend church weekly.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. also has ties with seasonal and occasion prints of all kinds. They have ties perfect for men looking to wear their heritage on their shirtfronts during St. Patrick's Day, and several work-themed ties that are perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, and Father's Day. And of course, they offer a huge variety of sports and animal ties, which are always easy to sell.

One great way of marketing these ties is to the Catholic school boys in your area. Most schools require their boys to wear ties to school, and like most teenagers, those boys are constantly on the lookout for something new and different to wear. They like to stand out from the crowd, and novelty ties from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. are a great way to do it!