June 2005 - Summer Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Newsletter
June 2005

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Summer Sales Builders
Americana bracelet
Americana for the 4th of July

Turquoise & coraL necklace
Exceptional values in gemstone jewelry

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crystal brooch
Crystal pin sales continue to sizzle


Summertime and the living is easy-- especially if your business is in a beach location. But if the summer has the opposite impact on your business, don't worry. We have some ideas to increase profits and spur sales.

Michael Gietl
retro-fashion sunglasses
Profiting in the Heat of Summer
Items that Provide an Excellent Profit Margin

Summer is here and this can be as exciting as Christmas for retailers in tourist destinations and outside locations. For the rest of us, it can also be dismally slow. The first idea that comes to mind is let's have a big sale and generate the rent money. Here is a better idea. Let's make a nice profit and generate the rent money. One item that sizzles this time of the year and looks very reasonable at a 4 to 8 time markup is sunglasses. Designer inspired sunglasses costing $2.50 have the stylish look of sunglasses that sell from $60.00 to $400.00 and look very reasonable at $9.95 Even better one pair seldom gets a person through the season. They are always getting lost or sat on.

We need profit to survive in business and another item that can help us generate it is gemstone and hematite jewelry. Cateye and goldstone are quality man-made items that are included in this category, but all other items are made from genuine semiprecious stone. Touch them to your wrist and feel the coldness that is characteristic of genuine semiprecious stone. Show this feature to your customers. The price of hematite and gemstone jewelry is lower than the cost of many costume jewelry items made from synthetic materials, but the retail customer perceives it as being far more expensive, leaving lots of room for markup.

So mix some high profit items in your line, pay the rent, and we will be ready for Christmas.

roll up cowboy hat
Summer Sales Booster
Hat Sales Peak in Summer

The main item that keeps our sales up through the summer months is an item that, according to the manufacturers, is enjoying excellent growth and popularity. That product is hats. Dress hats, casual hats, red and pink hats, and cowboy hats are all moving very well. In Style magazine recently ran a feature on two styles that are very much in fashion and popular with the stars-fedoras and wide brim floppy hats. Both styles are selling well, but for us rollup cowboy hats are the number one seller. Hats give you an item that is very popular and also somewhat exclusive since much of your competition is not aware of the sales that they generate.

floral rhinestone set
Steady Sellers
Items that are Always in Demand

We all need bread and butter items that never quit selling so we don't want to overlook the fact that rhinestone and bridal jewelry is as much a need item as a desirable accessory. And bridal is a year round market even though it has peak seasons. The reward for working with nervous brides-to-be is multiple sales since there are usually a number of bridesmaids that need accessories. To keep your inventory fresh and exciting, we constantly add new items, not only to the jewelry, but also to the tiaras, formal gloves, and evening bags. Pageants and other events that call for formal jewelry add to the demand (or to your stress), as well as prom and the Holidays. Most of your customers for these items are young, nervous, and want to look their best. So when you're feeling discouraged or frustrated, remember, it is you that they trust and count on for the special look.

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June 2005 - Summer Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Newsletter