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Accessory Wholesale Jewelry New Orleans - Katrina is Gone - the Gumbo is On!
September 2005

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More "Must Haves" that are Hard to Find
evening bag
Elegant Evening Bags

red hat
Red Hats & Niche Markets

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Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelets

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high fashion necklace
High Fashion Jewelry for Fall


Put music, good food, history, and great fun in the gumbo pot and the result is New Orleans -- a city with a unique culture and spirit. Hurricane Katrina shook it a few weeks ago, but it can't destroy it. There is tragedy that tears at the heart, but there is a spirit in the "Jewel of the South" that will not be broken. Everyday emails ask "are you open?" and the answer is "mais oui" (a resounding yes) -- not only open but nearly back to normal. So normal that I go down to the post office and stand in line (bored to death) to buy a roll of stamps and have this realization -- why am I here? I am here because this is where the stamps are! So let's take a page out of the post office's book (and here is where you come in). Let's be the post office in the fashion industry, in other words, the only place to get it. Here are some ideas that can make you the only game in town.

Michael Gietl
opera glove
Providing the "Must Haves"
Be the formal glove source in your area

Let's think about what needed fashion jewelry or accessory is missing in your area. When someone needs formal gloves in your locale, where can they go? This accessory is often a must for bridal, bridesmaids, proms, balls, and formal events. While a shop may carry a few pieces in white or ivory, where can they go for the variety of colors needed for bridesmaids, prom, and other special occasions? Where can they find gloves for children or gloves in different popular fabrics or lengths?

Most retail customers want to see these accessories and match the colors rather than ordering them from a catalog or off the web. Also, this is a safe business for you because it is not effected by up and down fashion trends. So if you are the source, they need you like we need the post office.

homecoming hat
Bring Them to your Shop with Hats
Fall Hats for Homecoming

Here we are at the beginning of September already. Fall fashion is coming out and Homecoming is just around the corner. Campuses all over the country will be celebrating homecoming and there is a needed item that is very hard to find -- homecoming hats. There will be a frantic search for this accessory. Since homecoming is a fall event, the hats they want are usually felts and they like rather conservative designs with smaller brims. These fall hats have recently arrived and are under "dress hats" on the site. And one more thing, all those ladies that need fall hats for church will be shopping too.

Tiaras -- the Quiet Profit Maker
Provide the Princess Look

Next, there is an excellent business that goes on very quietly and has little competition. We are talking about the tiara business, and this can include tiara combs, crowns, and rhinestone hair accessories. There is a steady demand for these accessories and there are few shops that carry a nice selection. Bridal is the biggest market and after that pageant. But how many other events are there that have queens and need tiaras. Look at the schools, proms, festivals, and balls. From prom queen to frog festival queen, they all need tiaras and usually an event needs several tiaras. The good news for you is that this is not something that they "want", this is something that they "need". Offer a selection in tiaras and rhinestone hair accessories and you will be the place they have to go for these accessories.

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Accessory Wholesale Jewelry New Orleans - Katrina is Gone - the Gumbo is On!