Glitz for the Holidays & Beyond
December 2005

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sequinevening purse
New Exciting Designs in Evening Bags

pearl necklace set
Elegant Pearl Sets

rhinestone bracelet
Rhinestone & Crystal Bracelets

chandelier earrings
Chandelier Earrings

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sequin cowboy hat
Sequin Studded Hats Offer Fresh Looks in Headwear


People shopping like mad, traffic jams, maxed out credit cards -- it's Christmas! If you don't have time to do your own Christmas shopping, buy a turkey, or read this newsletter, I'm proud of you because you have built a terrific business. If you do have time to read the newsletter, here are some ideas for strong sales this season and some items for "life after Christmas"

Michael Gietl
Rhinestone Choker
Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry for Now and Later
Prepare for the Peak Season of Rhinestone

Costume jewelry is having an excellent Christmas with a variety of looks and rich colors, but there is no item that is so strong that it is lapping the rest of the field. So at this point, stock rhinestone and crystal jewelry. They are not only a stunning Christmas gift, but a necessity for New Years Eve parties and events after the first of the year. The first of these events will be Mardi Gras balls followed by bridal, pageants, and prom.

According to our log files, the peak season for rhinestone and crystal jewelry is February through April, so the time is ripe for a dazzling display of this merchandise. Offer variety that includes lavish rhinestone sets for New Years Eve, Mardi Gras balls, and pageants plus dainty and elegant sets for prom and bridal. In addition, estate looks (vintage designs) have a growing popularity and are suitable for all occasions. Black is fashionable in evening apparel so jet (black) will be popular in rhinestone and crystal jewelry for the holidays.

sequin handbags
The Sequin Handbag Craze
Shimmering Accessories Dominate this Christmas

Here is the handbag trend with a lot of pizzazz that is sweeping the market this Christmas and they retails for under $40.00 (I'll bet the top designers of expensive handbags will be glad when this goes away). The dazzling look and chic style make it easy to wear and popular for every age market. This is a fashion trend that rose to a fever in a hurry so if you are going to jump on the bandwagon, do it quick. The way this bag is selling everyone will soon have two of them and a year from now there will be one in every yard sale.

Venetian Mask
The Sophistication of Venetian Masks
Masquerade Masks with Class

Now for life after Christmas. The first big splash is New Years Eve and then Mardi Gras. Both events have very lavish balls on one end of the spectrum and fun-filled parties on the other. There is a classy item that fits these occasions and was little known a few years ago, but is growing fast in awareness and popularity. We're talking about Venetian masks. History, culture, art, and good taste come together in Venetian masks.

They were originally used for plays during the Renaissance and the art of making them became a specialty of Venice. Venetian style masks offer the look at an affordable price. The face masks give sophistication to masquerade parties, New Years Eve, and Mardi Gras. The wall masks make superb center pieces and exceptional gifts and favors. This is not an item for every shop. For some shops it can be an excellent sales item, for others it can be a classy accent. The most important thing for all of us is to be aware of the rising popularity so we are prepared if there is a demand in your area.

The Final Word for 2005
Merry Christmas from New Orleans to every one of our subscribers. Hope everyone had a prosperous and fulfilling year. A sincere special thanks to all of America for the outpouring of good will and support provided for all of our neighbors tht suffered so much devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. From events that seem incredibly bad, flows incredible good.
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