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August 2005

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rhinestone earring
Sparkling Rhinestone Earrings

crystal hair ornament
Crystal Hair Ornaments

crystal bracelet
Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelets

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New Taira Combs

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high fashion necklace
High Fashion Jewelry for Fall


We all have to go to the grocery store and we all probably glance at the covers of those tabloids while waiting in the check out line. Gone are the scandals, bizarre crimes, and wild predictions. Celebrity is the thing now and the covers are full of stories telling us what the stars are doing. The obsession with celebrities is reflected in dazzling fashion jewelry and designer looking accessories. The high volume of search terms used on the internet for these types of products is proof of their popularity. So let's explore how we can capitalize on the craze.

Michael Gietl
amber brooch
Sparkle is the In Thing
Dazzling Jewelry is Having a Banner Year

Almost anything in jewelry that sparkles is popular this year and there is plenty of sparkle in the bold crystal brooches that were ushered in with the 2004 Christmas season. If you are like me, you thought they would be dead by April. How wrong that was. Creative designers found more and more ways to use them. Brooches are on hats, worn on the side like a tee tie, and given as bridesmaid's gifts. The jewelry pieces that we saw in Grandma's jewelry box are now the big fashion hit.

The words "pin", "brooch", and the misspelling "broach" generated more searches on the web in the past month than the word "fashion jewelry". (Results from a fashion term comparison performed on 7/19/05). There are fresh designs in these large crystal brooches and with the continued public interest, this is a fashion item that we don't want to ignore.

lavish rhinestone set
The Celebrity Look in Rhinestone Jewelry
Exciting Rhinestone Jewelry Designs Follow Fashion Trends

When we think of celebrities, we think of The Academy Awards and the only thing that gets more attention than the luxurious jewelry on Oscar night is the "best and worst dressed". The expensive jewelry worn by the stars is mirrored by fabulous rhinestone sets that offer breathtaking glitter and are in vogue with the fashion trends of this fall. The peak season for this dazzling jewelry is fast approaching. The holidays, News Year Eve, and Mardi Gras balls are excellent occasions for lavish rhinestone sets and new designs have recently arrived with very reasonable pricing that gives retailers plenty of mark up room. So take advantage of the fashion trend by mixing some "large" and "glitzy" in your fashion jewelry selection.

new sunglasses
Eyewear with That Celebrity Look
Exciting Eyewear in Designer Style Sunglasses

In the June newsletter we talked about the high profit potential in sunglasses. But sunglasses are more than a useful item with a high profit potential. They are a hot fashion item with the designers and celebrities setting the pace. Nothing is outselling aviators, and after that oversize frames, retro looks, and fashion colors are sizzling. Look at the pictures of the stars in sunglasses. That is the look that people want. So we get the best of both worlds here -- a fast selling fashionable item and high profit.

The breathtaking beauty of rhinestone and crystal jewelry and the glamour of high fashion accessories are not only very stylish, but a bundle of fun to sell. So let's take advantage of the fashion trends of 2005 and have a good time in business.

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