3 Steps to Boost Christmas Sales
Accessory Wholesale Jewelry New Orleans - 3 Steps to Boost Christmas Sales!
November 2005

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Here we are in the hectic Christmas season with retail sales going ballistic. Are we getting our share? Are the majors stealing all the business? Not quite! Because we won't stand still for that. We will give them the flat screen TVs, computer games, and latest cooking devices. But when it comes to the myriads of small gifts needed for family, relatives, friends, and office workers, small business (which is the vast majority of businesses in any area) has its finger on the local pulse and hot buttons. Fall fashion, hot items, and local interests are going to give us the quick advantage for maneuvering around the slow moving giants.

Michael Gietl
Teacher pendant
The Local Niche
The Place Where the Majors Can't Go

No major knows the local interests as well as you do and the locals want to give that unique gift that will be absolutely appreciated. So here is where you come in -- what is the heart beat and top interest of your area? What are they asking you for? What are they talking about at the beauty shop, on the radio, in the local news and newspaper? It could be the local high school, music, sports, pets, dance, red hats, or countless other interests. Once you zero in on the local interest, supply the need. These are gifts with meaning.

To see a list of items in a theme on our web site, use the search on the site. Type simple words in like "school", "bulldog", "football" and "cat". Use the singular. It will return more results than the plural. Group the items in your shop to tell a story that will appeal to local trade. Our own study is already showing a sharp increase in the sales of theme pendants, earrings, charm bracelets, and ties over the last four weeks.

Topaz necklace
Fall Fashion Trends
Selling the "In Style" Look

Now let's look at the trends in fashion. The majors picked their accessory line months age. You can pick yours today (based on the most current trends and information) and present it next week. Yes, you have the advantage of rapid response. If your customers like it, you can just as quickly reorder.

What are the fall fashion trends? Bold looks and rich color are definitely in. Sequins and buttons are big in accessories. A detailed account of fall fashions is provided under fashion tre nds on our site. The most important jewelry accessory for the season is the hardest to find. The item is the bold necklace sets that are in fashion. These sets range from the boutique look that often incorporates natural components like shell, wood, and semiprecious stone into the design. These are high fashion looks and are generally pricey. On the more economical end are rope necklaces and designs in synthetic materials. The majors get big mark up on these items and there is an opportunity for profit for you here too. But don't put all your eggs in one basket. Remember the traditional looks that sell very well and continue to sell when fashion changes. These are the pendants and earrings, rhinestone, and pearl jewelry.

Carnelian necklace
Christmas Sales Leaders
Items with Sharp Sales Increases

Now we move to the third leg of our Christmas sales strategy, which is "what is selling fast this Christmas?" We have already covered hot sellers in theme items and fashion trends, but besides these, what specific categories are seeing a spike in sales? There is no run away best seller like crystal brooches last year or rhinestone initials the year before, but these items are definitely seeing a sharp increase: Hematite jewelry Gemstone jewelry Rhinestone jewelry Sequin and button accessories Pay particular attention to gemstone jewelry. This is jewelry that includes or consists solely of natural semiprecious stones. The popular trend is toward incorporating semiprecious stones into fashion jewelry designs and this look will become increasingly important in the spring line.

Hematite jewelry is really peaking as a popular item especially for the youger market and rhinestone jewelry is enjoying excellent popularity with a wide range of appeal from delicate sets for bridal and prom to bold sets for holiday and vintage looks that can be worn for any occasion. Even better, in rhinestone you are not going to have much competition from the discounters and majors.

The purpose of our newsletter is to provide ideas to help everyone have a successful and happy Christmas as I am sure many of you will. But I also realize (after 20+ years in the business) that some will be struggling and some will be new at this. I encourage you to keep an upbeat attitude and not stress over a Christmas deadline because the few months following Christmas have bundles of opportunities that we will share with you. Once you find the niche that works, you are off to the races and the business becomes fun and exciting.
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Accessory Wholesale Jewelry New Orleans - 3 Steps to Boost Christmas Sales!