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Issue: #107              Future Is Bright for Fashion Jewelry and Accessories              March 2015
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Frigid weather finally relents and March begins with consumers thinking spring.  What are the things they are looking for?    


Spring is the best time of the year for most fashion businesses because of all the events that call for fresh accessories--spring hats, jewelry, scarves, and more.  Events like prom, pageants, bridal, Easter, Mother's Day, dance competition, debutante balls, sweet sixteens, quinceaneras, and more demand accessories and jewelry that is now only desired, but often needed.    


Now we can get excited about business and also get our customers excited.  So let's look at some time-tested jewelry and accessories that sell every spring. 




 Spring Dress Hats

The Spring Accessory that Never Fails

Demand for ladies dress hats returns every spring.  If you have developed a summer dress hat customer base for dress hats, your customers are probably already asking when new spring hats are coming in. New arrivals this year include sinamay and organza hats with polypropylene and lace hats on their way to arrive soon.   


Wide brims always provide the excitement of high fashion looks in headwear.  Sinamay wide brim hats are especially popular at luncheons and derbies across the country.  Small brim dress hats in both sinamay and organza appeal to more conservative clientele for every occasion including as church hats. 


Milliners decorating hats seem to gravitate towards untrimmed wide brims like the one shown in the sidebar.  From now until Mother's Day, spring hats are very important so if this is your market, stock now for your clientele that is looking for new looks for spring.




Dressy Headwear with Low Supply saucer fascinator

If you want a product that has demand and you don't have to worry about what the competition is doing, fascinators are the answer.  Fascinators fly under the radar with quiet demand and very little supply. Since they usually are considerably cheaper than dress hats and just as attractive, many consumers opt for fascinators for dressy occasion.  This was quite noticeable with homecoming a few months ago.  Many homecoming courts were choosing fascinators over fall dress hats. 


Selection this spring will excite your customers.   New arrivals include sinamay mini hats, large saucer fascinators inspired by Britain, horsehair fascinators in vibrant colors, plus fascinators that make a statement wholesaling under $5.  Mix some fascinators with your millinery and capture this market that has few suppliers.
understated rhinestone necklace set

Prom Jewelry and Accessories

The Once a Year Bonanza


For the last two prom seasons, dramatic iridescent earrings drew the greatest attention.  The earring shown in the sidebar have led sales both years and we anticipate these linear iridescent earrings to do it again this year. 


Bracelets, especially bracelets with iridescent crystals or rhinestones are also high on the list-including stretch bracelets in all widths, cuff bracelets, and hinged bracelets. 


Rhinestone necklace sets are still an important for prom jewelry.  While prom girls like dramatic size in earrings and bracelets, they seem to prefer understated in necklace sets.  Layered sets, Y necklaces, and chokers all sell.  Both silver and gold plating are selling, with silver outselling gold.


Like bridal, hair accessories are in demand for prom-everything from rhinestone ponytail holders to headbands and hair accessories.  Prom is nationwide and can really benefit retail accessory stores.  Small business gets a big chunk of this business so prepare now, especially if you have high school proms in your area.


Bridal Jewelry

The Jewelry and Accessory Category that is Year Round

The market for bridal jewelry and accessories is never ending, but spring is crystal headband floral design especially good for this business. Wedding day jewelry is usually a necklace set, or earrings and bracelet.  Depending on the taste of the bride, rhinestone jewelry or pearl jewelry serves as wedding necklace sets.  In rhinestone jewelry, understated necklace sets like the one pictured are most popular.  Elegant sets with arrangement of faux pearls and rhinestone together are particularly popular in pearl necklace sets.



Hair accessories are also important for bridal.  Traditional bridal tiaras, bridal headbands, and bridal hair accessories like side combs are all in demand. 


Some brides want formal gloves that really enhance the elegance of the occasion.  Several options are available under bridal gloves including a wide selection of colors for bridesmaid gloves.  Add evening bags and gifts for the bridal party to make your shop the place to fulfill all a bride's needs. Next newsletter will concentrate on all aspects of bridal.   



Next Newsletter:  More about Bridal and Prom Plus New Arrivals


We have a line up of events calling for jewelry and accessories that should lift our spirits.  If it has been a slow start, don't worry.  Frigid weather has hampered spring sales so far, but the weather is lifting and the future looks bright.  We have the merchandise to fill customers needs for things ahead so good luck to everyone for a busy spring season.   



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