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Issue: #105
November 2014
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Christmas Gifts and Accessories

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 Themed Pendants
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 Rhinestone Bracelets

Mens winter fedoras
   Men's Winter Fedoras

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 Mardi Gras Favors

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Ladies Satin Braid Church Hats





What is the magic of small business gift and accessory stores? In a word, it is surprise. Surprise after surprise makes these small businesses irresistible. Cracker Barrel Restaurants recognized it and must have done an extensive study to capture the intrigue of a quaint cottage shop. One item mesmerizes you with sparkle, the next with nostalgia, then comes practical use, followed by the surprise of reviving something long since forgotten. The surprises never end. It is not the slick look of department stores, but something very homey and comfortable. 


Black Friday is upon us followed by Small Business Saturday, but these labels are the invention of Madison Avenue advertising. The reality is the everyday consumers find surprises in small businesses-the most creative people on earth. Let's review some items that may add to the magic of your shop. 





 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Shop


Christmas Scarves Christmas scarves

Words only nibble at the edge of the meaning of Christmas spirit, but Christmas accessories ignite the feeling and spread it to others. Christmas scarves are a classic gift that oozes with Christmas spirit. This year, the supply seems to be low, but you have a source and can keep the tradition going of scarves as a classic Christmas gift. 




Christmas Ties Christmas ties

The traditional gift for Dad is ties. For Christmas, ties with a message are even more meaningful. What could have more of a message than Christmas themes that radiate the holiday spirit? 









Christmas Jewelry Christmas Jewelry

Christmas pins stir feelings of nostalgia with designs in gingerbread men, Christmas carolers, old fashion sleighs, and vintage Santa designs. They have a magnetic quality of drawing customers.






Crystal Necklace Sets glamorous crystal choker set

Sparkle that galvanizes attention, crystal necklace sets have raised the bar on beauty in jewelry. Make your customers irresistible for holiday parties and Mardi Gras balls that follow soon after. 






Gemstone Jewelry gemstone necklace

Has costume jewelry lost its direction? Apparently so! But we can count on gemstone jewelry that is never out of style for this holiday season. Customers recognize an intrinsic value in gemstone jewelry that delivers the beauty of nature. 





Basic Chokers wire chokers

Whether its gemstone pendants or any other classic pendant, the basic wire choker is a piece of jewelry needed to show off these works of art. Humble chokers add a hidden treasure in your shop as something customers need, but have great difficulty finding. 





Hat Scarf Sets knit hat scarf set

Hat scarf sets are the practical Christmas gift that lets your customers look good as they keep warm. Pompoms are stylish again this year. 











Kids love stuffed animals.  These animal hats have the same cute look and soft furry texture.  There will be no trouble getting them to bundle up with these cute animal hats. 







Cubic Zirconia Jewelry CZ earrings

If diamonds are beyond the budget this Christmas, the look and the feeling are still there with cubic zirconia jewelry that looks so real, only a jeweler knows. 







Purse Hooks purse hooks

Avery practical gift that is rarely found-purse hooks solve the problem of finding a sanitary place to put their purse. The hooks balance on a tabletop with handbags using the hook to remain suspended above the floor







Nativity Scenes Nativity scene

No matter what the dire news reports, most shoppers still know the meaning of the season. Nativity scenes let them share the meaning. 










Sculptured Pewter Writing Pens sculptured pewter pens 94

For customers digging for rare treasures, these sculptured pewter writing pens provide something they won't find in any other shop. They come in dozens of themes and designs. Each one comes in a black velvet box with white satin lining 




Next Newsletter: Holiday and Beyond

From now until May are the easier months for most businesses. Aren't we glad to hear that good news! This is the stretch of the year with event after event helping retail shops. We need a break, don't we? Next newsletter will cover items from Holiday through January. Merry Crhistmas! 

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