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Issue: #104
October 2014
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Fall & Christmas Items

Christmas Scarves
Christmas Scarves
all seasons women's dress hats
  All Seasons Women's Dress Hats

crystal and pearl brooch
  Crystal Brooches

men's winter fedoras
Men's Winter Fedoras

Mardi Gras and Homecoming Crowns
  Mardi Gras and Homecoming Crowns

wire chokers for pendants
Wire Chokers for Pendants

Venetian style rhinestone masks
 Rhinestone Masks


dramatic rhinestone necklace set
Rhinestone Necklace Sets




Recent economic news relates weaker retail sales in the US.  That is not a surprise to retailers on the front line.  Nor is it reason for discouragement for small business that is never down for long.  It has an amazing resilience that finds ways to survive and succeed. It comes down to making enough sales to cover the overhead and a little more to make a profit.

Small business has a nose for figuring out why consumers buy and what items they need. ClickZ lists 20 reasons consumers buy, but this month's newsletter will narrow it to three. 


When big business says sales are flat, small business looks for the items consumers absolutely need or can't live without.  Add to that the Christmas factor-consumers just can't pass up Christmas no matter what the economists say.  This newsletter explores these three categories that motivate buyers this time of year: 1) need  2) Christmas spirit 3) can't live without it.  




Filling Fashion and Formal Needs

Mardi Gras Balls and More

Need takes lots of avenues.  All the commitments to balls, church events, Mardi Gras Pins for favors charities and fundraisers, homecoming, school events are needs.  And there are plenty more like prom, bridal, and seasonal changes like warm weather clothing. 


A good example of need in our area is Mardi Gras Balls.  Those chosen as kings, queens, and members of the court consider it a great honor.  The privilege also creates needs.  Royalty needs crowns, tiaras, scepters, gloves and favors.   


Call-out gifts for formal dancing are another need for favors.  Other Krewe members give favors to those sharing their table. There are plenty of other expenses, but the ones mentioned are items any local retailer in the fashion accessory industry can provide. 


Find the needs in your area.  Outfitting homecoming courts is one idea.  mini top hat fascinator They need crowns, scepters, jewelry, suits, and gloves.  This year as a cost saving measure, many courts are using fascinators instead of dress hats. You have access to all of this through our website.  



Church groups are another need.  With Christmas coming, many choirs want matching scarves and sometimes ties for special music renditions.  Be creative and find the needs that generate sales in your area or your niche market.  



"Just Got to Have It" Fashion Accessories

Fashion Items Consumers Can't Live Without


The fashion items people can't live without go by many names including impulse items.  With fleur-de-lis being a hot item in Louisiana, these rhinestud ball caps caught on immediately.  The hats have pizzazz and go straight to the heart of those captivated by the fleur-de-lis. 





These are the kind of products we need to fit the just-got-to-have category. glamorous crystal choker set   For women going to formal events, the got-to-have item can be breath-taking crystal jewelry.  For church ladies it can be a stunning dress hat.  The products in this category have to have an irresistible attraction shoppers just can't live without out. 


What items does your customer base find irresistible.  These are the items you need at least a modest selection of in your shop.  Irresistible beauty trumps cheap price for shoppers.  






Christmas Spirit Motivates Shoppers

The Drive of Christmas Giving that the Economy Can't Stop

Every time we are in a slow economy when the end of the year approaches, economist release their dire predictions for Christmas shopping.  But when Christmas on 34th Street starts playing on TV and Silent Night on the radio, hearts melt and everything changes.  Se we can never count Christmas out. 


Start with some classy Christmas jewelry especially the pendants that Christmas basket pendant double as a pin and have the look of sterling silver.  Do you remember the sterling puffy hearts that were once a rage?   A stamping process created the puffy hearts from a thin sheet of silver.  They were hollow inside, creating lightweight pieces that were nice size. 


The rising price of sterling hindered development of new designs.  But an innovative manufacturer picked up the idea using the same process with thin sheets of steel to produce jewelry that looked identical to sterling. The line is mainly pendants and earrings.  Most of the pendants have a pin back letting them double as pins. Some of the very classy Christmas jewelry is part of this line. 


The Christmas pendants and earrings provide the expensive look of sterling silver in more affordable fashion jewelry.  Add some chokers from the choker selection so your customers have an attractive way to wear the pendants.  The Christmas pendants have a classy and expensive look for your customers to wear, but they also make a meaningful Christmas gift with the valuable look of sterling silver.  


Check the side bar on the left for more Christmas gift ideas.  We will return to gift ideas in the next newsletter.




Next Newsletter:  What is Hot for the Holidays

The next newsletter will explore all the new items for the Holiday stretch.  Your success concerns us.  Looking back over the year, the economists' predictions for consumer buying have missed the target most of the year.  The coming upturn has not happened.  We are working hard to find the items that will make it happen for you.  That is what our next newsletter is about.  

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