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August 2014
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Labor Day begins a new period in the annual fashion business cycle--and we want it to be exciting.  I live in Lafayette, La and Dillard's at the local mall is going through a major renovation.  They are dedicating more space to accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances.  Islands of showcases with gorgeous merchandise fill this area.  It certainly is drawing attention. 


We don't have that kind of money to spend so we have to generate excitement with a smaller budget.  We need some stories to tell.  The fall season has some exciting new items that can be our stories.    These items are the focus of this newsletter.




fall wide brim hat pinch front


A Special Fall Hat

The Hat Infatuating Celebrities


Fall hats are more than a fashion statement--in cold weather, they are a need.  But there is one hat that is certain to sell because it is on the head of so many celebrities.  Search for celebrities in wide brim hats and you will see this hat coming up over and over again--the felt wide brim hat with pinched crown.  This shortcut to Eonline shows what we mean. 


This fall women's hat slipped by most hat manufacturers and wholesalers.  Only one of our manufacturers was aware of it.  With the power celebrities have over fashion, we both know it will be in demand.


Print some pictures from the internet of celebrities in wide brim felt hats with pinched crowns.  Show them to your customers.  Show them the hat in your shop.  This is a story to tell--a story on the cutting edge of fashion.
Exquisite crystal choker set

Glamorous Crystal Jewelry

Breath-Taking Beauty in Crystal Necklaces


The spring of 2013 introduced crystal necklace sets in magnificent designs that steal the show.  Today new designs continue to roll out that are breath taking.  A few of these crystal sets in a showcase of formal jewelry will mesmerize shoppers. 


Most recent arrivals are choker sets with large sparkling crystals delivering lavish designs.  Who wears this luxurious jewelry?  Certainly, these sets will grab the attention of customers searching for pageant jewelry, or sets for Mardi Gras Balls and Ballroom dancing, but demand goes far beyond that.  Any kind of gala, ball, or dressy evening event can be an occasion. 


In addition, these extravagant designs will have your customers' talking and draw attention to other sets in your showcase.  This is another story to tell.  Actually, these gorgeous crystal jewelry sets speak for themselves. 



elegant bridal necklace set fresh design

Fresh Bridal Pearl and Rhinestone Sets

New Designs in Bridal and Prom Jewelry


Freshen up your bridal and prom jewelry with new designs that your customers will find appealing. We are talking about rhinestone and faux pearl sets that are more than modifications of traditional bridal and prom jewelry.    The faux pearl set shown does not use strung beading to create the necklace, but links castings that are dimensionally shaped and have embedded crystals.  Capped pearl beads create a fringe of drops from the necklace.  Very unique, yet retains elegance and traditional charm desired in bridal jewelry. 


The rhinestone set shown borrows the layered look form fashion with rows of layered rhinestone set small rhinestones shimmering with clear and iridescent stones.  Both sets have the innovation that keeps bridal and prom jewelry interesting.  Bridal is a never-ending event that requires accessories.  Prom is a bonanza for small business every spring.  Generating business from these two major retail events provides a base that helps pay the overhead.  So you want customers to know they can count on you by having this jewelry as a steady part of your line. 



forehead jewelry

New Bridal and Prom Hair Accessories

The Wild Side of Bridal Accessories

Watching movies about the Roaring Twenties reveals a time when things got a little wild--flappers, bobbed hair, shorter hemlines, and speakeasies. This period is inspiration to many of the bridal hair accessories that are returning.  The forehead jewelry shown is one of these designs resurfacing.  To illustrate what we mean, see old wedding pictures from the 1920s by visiting our Pinterest page on Wholesale Bridal Jewelry


Bridal accessories are normally a very conservative business.  This makes all the new hair accessories surfacing a surprise. We can be sure it won't be limited to bridal.  Prom hair accessories and accessories for holiday and eveningwear will follow the same trends. This is another story to build excitement in your shop. 

Homecoming Hats

Another Coast-To-Coast Opportunity

Many Homecomings require members of the court to wear dress hats, which are not always easy to find.  Since dress hats work as both homecoming and church hats, this minimizes the risk of not selling. 


Selection includes felt dress hats in small brims and wide brims. Some retailers have told us in the past that they prefer small brims because the larger brims are overwhelming for some of the girls.      


Again, this is another story that you want to stock early so your customers will know you are a source. 

Next Newsletter: Looking Forward To Holidays


Many retailers have experienced challenging summers.  Even the majors are not bragging about summer business.  Small business has an advantage.  They can maneuver quickly to changing markets and customer whims and they can do it with a small investment. All you need is just enough of the items above to tell the story.  Go deeper in the items that work.  Wishing you success for the best months in the retail cycle that are starting now and go until May. 

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