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July 2014
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Here comes the last month of summer and that's good news for many retailers that do their best business starting with fall.  Actually, some fall items start selling now.  Fall dress hats just arrived and shops carrying millinery are putting in orders because their customers want fall hats early. 


In addition, fall dress hats are important to homecoming.  If you sell to members of homecoming courts, stock some homecoming hats early so customers will see that you have them. 


We can't forget football season that gives a nice boost to many businesses.  Teams from high school on up have avid fans that want to show support.  This is good for many shops that can capitalize on local markets. Football fans following the local high school team are passionate.   


Then there is the new items, sometimes in areas least expected. When we think of bridal, we think reserved, elegant, and traditional.  Well, bridal hair accessories have broken out of the quiet mode with so many alternatives to bridal veils that a new vocabulary is necessary to describe them-bridal side combs, forehead jewelry, neck and shoulder jewelry, hair vines, twist ins, side accented headbands to name a few.  Inspiration for bridal hair accessories is coming from cultures around the world as well as vintage inspiration from the Roaring Twenties and other eras.  It is catching on so quick that we need to be involved.  With so much overpriced hair accessories out there, all you need to do is be reasonably priced to get the business. 


So let's look at items selling now so we can get excited and get our customers excited.  




Homecoming hat



One thing retailers love is an item that resists the ups and downs created by cycles in the economy.  As a wholesaler, our business reflects what our customers are buying and selling.  The Teflon product for us seems to be ladies dress hats. Good economies and bad they keep on going just like the Energizer bunny. 


New fall dress hats are arriving and on e goal for us is to receive styles early that will appeal as homecoming hats.  This is a huge market that is overlooked.  Nearly every college and high school in the nation has homecoming.  The hat shown is typical of popular homecoming hats. The compact shape is not overwhelming. Yet the hats have an elegance that pleases members of the court. 


A second market for fall dress hats is even bigger than the first-church hats.  The women shopping of church hats have a sense of dedication that overshadows movements in the economy.  Felt dress hats for this market can be as diverse as the many personalities searching for the hats.  The small brim above sells as well as wide brims.  Felts as well as satin braids.  Colors can be subdued or lively.  The best news for you is there is good demand and little competition.  Keep this market in mind.  It works for us every year.



To capitalize on high school sports jewelry requires some creativity because football charm bracelet with so many high schools around the country, manufacturers can't produce a line for each one.  But you can capture the local market by putting together your own line.


The easiest way to present a football theme is with generic football jewelry like the sports bracelet shown.  Find football themed jewelry under the categories of sports bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants on the site. 


Just as easy is licensed sports jewelry for universities.  It is also under the sports jewelry category on the site and includes major schools like LSU and Alabama as well as licensed jewelry for popular universities like The Ragin Cajuns and Southern. 

School color bracelets  

But to have jewelry and accessories that customers will immediately recognize as your local high school, two ingredients are important--school colors and mascots.   Two items help with school colors--school color bracelets and school colors in beads for chokers and necklaces. 




For chokers and necklaces using suede cord or other materials that are loose beads thicker than monofilament line, you need beads with a 4 mm opening.  Under loose beads, the site has color combinations that will go with nearly any school.  Now all the fiber optic beads are 99 cents for a pack of 12. 


choker 79 Also, find chokers under fashion jewelry that help build your custom jewelry for the local schools. Use the search on the site to see if we have pendants for your mascot.  Price all the items separately so customers can build their own sale and input their own creativity with the components.  This makes you the only source for items that appeal to an avid market-a nice combination that builds sales.    



In the normally reserved area of wedding accessories, bridal hair bridal side comb accessories are making waves.  Look at current bridal magazines you will see quite a change in hair accessories--fewer veils and all kinds of new hair accessories. Currently, prices fro these new bridal combs and accessories are often greatly inflated because demand is high and supply is low. 


Bridal side combs are one hot item in this category.  See the image above as an example.  These combs although different from the traditional veil or tiara, are very elegant and brides can easily adapt to this look.


On the other hand, some of the other hair accessories require brides with more daring tastes.  Celebrities are driving some of these looks.  Bridal shops are reporting a high demand for the hair accessory worn by Kim Kardashian for her wedding. 


The sudden popularity of these bridal hair accessories makes it almost mandatory that we stock some to meet not only bridal demand, but also for proms that will surely follow this rising trend.  Find most of them under bridal combs and hair accessories, but others are also under rhinestone hair accessories.  This should be profitable for you especially while supply is low. 


Next Newsletter:  More New Products that are Important for Fall Business

Next newsletter will cover more up trending jewelry and accessories that are overlooked.  Extra sales from trending items can be a great help, especially as we move into the months that are better for most businesses.  We can all be proud to be part of small business.  Small business has a resilience and endurance that can't be put down. 


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