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May 2014
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We can't deny all fashion businesses are different, but we can say generally summers are more challenging when it comes to generating sales.  If your business is a beach or tourist destination, this is your heyday.  Businesses centered on outdoor events love summer.  Most other businesses see a dip.


How do we meet the challenge?  First of all some categories are up in the summer.  Hats definitely sell best in summer.   Shell jewelry is a summer item.  Customers need basics like chokers and chains for gorgeous pendants available at craft shows and outdoor events.  What else works?


Don't forget June brides.  Bridal is year round.  Themes tug at consumers' heartstrings.  Even if they don't want to buy jewelry or accessories, they can't pass up their favorite theme.  Bright colors, basics, and niche markets keep business moving. 


A report by Colorado State University on niche markets aimed at agriculture is also true for fashion businesses.  Niche markets level the playing field even against competition from the majors.  Concentrate on niche markets especially during summer months.  There is so much to cover we will do a list with brief descriptions on each summer category. 



Summer Hats

Hats Spike Up In Sales Every Summer  ladies summer wide brim hats

Wide Brims--The most popular hat for women every summer is wide brims,the traditional rounded crown with 4 to 7 inch wide brims.  This year neutral colors with animal print scarf bands are important and also tropical color wide brim hats


  men's straw fedora


Fedoras-Fedoras continue their trendy popularity thanks 

to innovative colors and the fact that no other hat has 

stepped up to take the spotlight.  These hats are mainly unisex.  Also important for the younger market, celebrities are wearing them. 


cowgirl hats in colors 89  

Cowboy Hats-Never count out cowboy hats.  They return as a leading hat category every summer-fashion colors for cowgirls and rugged straws and distressed toyo for cowboys. 




Classic womens dress hat 98  

Straw Hats-Straw hats range from rugged rush straw safari and gambler hats for festivals and outdoor work to boutique quality raffia hats and sewn-and braid wheat straw. 




white church hat  

White Church Hats-Summer conventions and workshops for churches often call for a day when women are asked to wear white dress hats.  Supply is low in the summer when the need arrives.  We strive to keep this inventory on hand for retailers needing white dress hats to serve their customers. 




Fascinators-Popularity of fascinators is on the rise again.  Vibrant color is important right now-great for a summer look.   



Niche Jewelry and Accessory Markets

 Niche Markets that Level the Playing Field vintage leopard ring

Vintage Jewelry--Do you want to attract customers with nostalgia?  Find on our site a variety of jewelry from the eighties.  A wide selection of fashion rings manufactured in the eighties, bold nugget bracelets from the oil boom years, Lucite earrings in color, polka dot, and nautical designs.  Also, see chapita earrings under the Fashion Jewelry category. Many are retailing online today for over $50.   


  hematite necklace

Hematite Jewelry--Especially important for outdoor vendors, hematite jewelry makes a statement with a show of different designs.  Hematite draws with pendants in themes that can reach customers' interests.  Many also believe hematite can provide pain relief. 



Navajo style turquoise bracelet  

Gemstone Jewelry--Semi precious jewelry seems to have some magic for drawing customers, especially at outdoor events.  Turquoise is particularly popular.  Show customers the uniqueness of each piece with banding, inclusions, and color.  There is plenty to talk about with gemstone jewelry that will keep consumers intrigued. 


lampwork bead necklace set  

Glass Jewelry--Glass jewelry has many interesting facets from Murano style glass and lampwork beaded jewelry to millefiori.  The style shown is an necklace set with lampwork beads. 



shell jewelry  

Shell Jewelry--shell jewelry has a wild range from chip shell necklaces teens like to high fashion shell jewelry for boutiques.  In between is bright color in shell jewelry for casual wear.  A niche of shell jewelry draws attention with the natural iridescence and amazing colors.  


fleur-de-lis necklace set  

Fleur-de-lis Jewelry--This jewelry and accessory niche captures the spirit of New Orleans that has grown to nationwide popularity after Hurricane Katrina.  


Theme Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry that Appeals to the Heart

Themes have two drawing cards-attractive craftsmanship and a theme that touches the heart of the shopper.  Customers buy it because of their own attachment to the theme or as a gift for others with a deep interest in the theme


nursing pendant  

Theme Pendants and Earrings-Most of the pendants and earrings under the theme category are created by Best, a leader in quality fashion jewelry.  The detail and workmanship will certainly draw admiring eyes.  But the real drawing card is the themes that are so well designed.  Nearly any theme that suits your customer base can be found here-sea life, sports, motorcycles, gardening, western, horses, cheerleaders, seasonal, wildlife, pets, and more.  Use the search on the site to find your theme. Put in single words in the singular to get the most results


Flag tie  

Theme Ties-Ties create a theme for men.  You can find ties in sports themes as well as occupational, sea life, gaming, pets, classic cars and more.  The most popular themes have their own categories-American flag, Christian, seasonal, and Masonic ties. 






religious scarves  

Theme Scarves-Infinity scarves are the trendy scarf today, but the scarf with timeless longevity is the polyester oblongs that is cool in summer and has themes that capture the heart.  Included are Christian themes plus occupations, seasonal, music, Americana, garden, and animal themes. 


For niche items to be successful you must match the product to a cluster group of shoppers-they have to be interested in the product presented.  Second, you must make a statement with a heavy concentration of the theme.  At outdoor events, the entire booth is often dedicated to one theme or category.   


Examples you may have seen recently are booths dedicated to jellyfish in glass, or glass jewelry with the artist working a torch and holding people in awe.  How many times have you seen an entire booth of hematite?  This is also a nice markup business for you. Booths of theme pendants and earrings are rarely seen because vendors don't have access to wide selection of nicely crafted metal theme pendants and earrings, but you do.   


Hopefully these suggestions will stir creative ideas that will pick up summer business. Also, check out bridal jewelry, bridal gloves, evening bags, and tiaras on the site for June brides.    


Next Newsletter:  Knock 'Em Dead With Exciting New Items.  

Next newsletter will introduce new items-irresistible items to melt buying resistance. Give it your best this summer.  Challenges are where small business shines. 

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