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April 2014
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Wholesale Straw Hats

Prom Bracelets
Prom Bracelets

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Scarves for Mother's Day

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Crystal Necklace Sets

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Mother's Day Brooches
Mother's Day Brooches



Excitement in the fashion industry is always uplifting and nothing builds excitement like brisk sales.  Well, right now we have a bunch of events hitting at one time and some of the business should spill over on us. 


In the near future we have Mother's Day, The Kentucky Derby, high school proms, weddings, pageants, and festivals popping up everywhere.  There are also vacations and outdoor events calling for summer accessories and hats-things like sidewalk sales, swap meets, concerts, sporting events, and more. 


What a balance!  Whether your strength is dressy jewelry and accessories or casual, consumers will be looking for what you have. 


Let's explore what they are in the market for.  

Mother's Day pendant 86


Mother's Day Jewelry and Accessories

 Jewelry and Accessories Especially for Mom


Mother's day is really special.  Thing about it, is there any word in the English language as emotionally packed as "Mom".  I like Westerns and whenever I think about this it reminds me of Russell Crowe in 310 to Yuma.  A guard insults his Mom and he pushes him down a cliff with the words, "Even bad men love their mamas". 


This is so true and the reason we need to have our showcases ready for shoppers looking for Mother's Day gifts.  Who doesn't love their Mom?  Jewelry that is specific like the pendant shown is really appreciated by Mom.  Pendants saying Mom also double as pins.  Put Mom in the search on the site and it will bring up jewelry even out of the sports section like cheerleader Mom or baseball Mom. 


Classic jewelry like faux pearls or crystal sets are also excellent Mother's Day gifts. Other idea include brooches, scarves, and dress hats (covered below). 


Wholesale Dress Hats Wholesale dress hats

Demand for Women's Dress Hats Continues

The lineup of events for women's dress hats doesn't let up after Easter.  Kentucky Derby and Mother's Day are around the corner.  Mother's Day is the second biggest day for dress hats after Easter.  In addition, church conventions are starting up-an event that usually calls for women to wear a white dress hat on a certain day. 


This has been a special year for womens dress hats with manufacturers producing more colors and styles in more materials than in previous years.   The addition of satin hats this spring offered wonderful styles in new colors.  Sinamays, organzas, satin braid, and propylene hats joined in to give retailers a selection that was certain to take the breath of their customers. 


Shop now for these dress hats while there is still adequate selection.  More white polypropylene hats will come in for church events, but we have received all we can get this year of the rest of the hats listed.  At least for now, we have a nice selection of colors and styles.

Casual Hats 

Festivals and Outdoor Events

The other story in hats is casual hats--fashion hats for vacations; straw hats and cowboy hats for festivals and outdoor events; fedoras and caps for a cool summer look. 


Widebrims are big story in fashion hats every spring and summer.  Changes are minor and the hats have different color choices, but the wide brim summer hat for women is never out of style for long-everything from 4 to 7 inch brims. 


Cowboy hats are just as timeless.  There are so many looks in western hats-authentic western hats for rodeos and country music halls; rugged straw cowboy hats that have character; cowboy hats for outdoor work and events; cowgirl hats in fashion colors.  Styles are just as diverse from cattleman crease to pinch front or gambler shapes.  From beaches to festivals, there is a market for cowboy hats.


Then there are the hats for personality-hats that create an image.  Especially younger customers like these hats-stingy brim fedoras, apple caps, ivy caps, and specialty ball caps.  As we move into summer, it is casual hats that will be the important category in headwear.  But right now there is a balance between dress hats and casual.  Both are important.


rhinestone choker set 98

Prom Jewelry

The Local Event that Helps Small Business 

When retailers feel down in the slow time after Christmas, looking forward to prom can cheer them up.  Prom jewelry sells every spring as regular as clockwork.  Last year there was a sudden interest in iridescent crystal jewelry.  The trend continues this prom season with iridescent stones set in silver or gold plating. 


Some prom girls want necklace sets.  This usually calls for rhinestone sets in modest size.  The one shown recently arrived in iridescent stones and is selling very well for prom jewelry.  Other prom girls opt for bracelet and earrings combinations in more dramatic size.  All of the above are doing well in iridescent stones. 


Hair ornaments are also important for prom.  Fascinator continue to appeal to prom girls.  Basic and bright colors are available to match dresses.  Other hair ornaments include rhinestone combs, rhinestone ponytail holders, and crystal headbands.  If your local prom is coming, prepare with the dressy accessories that prom girls like.  Many of the items will continue to sell for bridal, pageant, and other formal occasions.

Next Newsletter:  What Sells in Summer


The next few weeks are a time of opportunity in the fashion industry.  Hopefully all of us share in the pie.  Even in a fragile economy, one thing is certain-the creativity of small business is incessant.  You have many ideas of your own that keep business on track.


Today there is much talk about Pinterest being a boost for small businesses. It is free and showcases your products.  Tools like Pinterest and Google+ business pages can build your local presence, which gives a boost to good months as well s slow ones.  We are wholesalers that provide products, but if you need information on these platforms, call me.  We are willing to share what we know.

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