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February 2014
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Forecasts are predicting spring-like weather and that is good news for the fashion industry.  Expect consumers to catch the fever and shop for items that are in demand every spring.  Spring after spring we can count on certain accessories selling.  These items are the subject of this newsletter. 


Freezing weather and icy roads were not good for business.  So now is the time to get well with what we know consumers want every spring.  Let's get started.



wholesale spring church hats


The Underrated Accessory that is in High Demand

All the snow, ice, and freezing weather this year has everyone anxious for spring.  What announces spring better than Easter hats?  This time of year, hats are sizzling-spring church hats, Easter hats, derby hats, and headwear for all kinds of special hat events. 


One such event is The Mad Hatter luncheon in New Orleans that draws over 600 women for a benefit supporting The New Orleans Opera.  These kinds of events happen all over the country and add more frenzy to the millinery business. 


Early arrivals include sinamay hats like the one shown.  Sinamay has a somewhat open weave and is a natural fiber that takes dye well.  Milliners stiffen the sinamay and block it to create elegant hats ranging from conservative designs to lavish wide brims.  These hats also have a range of colors.  Grab these hats early because they sell out quick.


New arrivals in organza hats add another dimension to the spring hat selection.  Originally, organza was a silk product with some transparency and a silky sheen.  Today milliners use a synthetic material much like the silk derivative.  The hats are very airy-very summery.   Wired brims enable organza hat designs to have a range of brim widths.  These gorgeous spring hats also have plenty of color choices and generally have lower price points than sinamay.  Organza hats have deliveries all the way up to early summer.  Wholesale organza hats will have continued supply to fill your needs for summer church events. 


Polypropylene hats provide the traditional dress hat look that veterans in the business have carried for several years.  A synthetic material is braided and continually sewn to give the look of expensive Milan straws.  Most hats will have six to eight color options. 


Everything is here for a successful spring hat season.  We will continually update you through the newsletters of new arrivals.  This product sizzles every spring, helping retailers get ahead.  Best of all, it is an item where small business shines.  


Prom Jewelry and Accessories

The Spring Bonanza for Fashion Retailers


High schools across the country have proms every spring and the fashion industry loves it.  Prom girls like delicate rhinestone sets, especially sets that are trendy like Y necklaces. 


Prom season in 2013 saw a trend towards iridescent t stones.  In addition, dramatic earring and bracelet combinations replaced necklace sets for many prom girls.  To be ready for this once a year bonanza, we need to prepare early for all these options. 


Pictured above is one of the most popular iridescent earrings for prom jewelry in 2013.  This linear earring is already selling well again this year.  Include some bracelets and dramatic earrings in your prom jewelry selection in both clear rhinestones and iridescent. 


Also, have a range of rhinestone sets.  There are plenty on new rhinestone necklace sets on the site under $8.  These are in the price range for prom girls on a budget and they are attractive. 


Prom bracelets are in two locations on the site -under rhinestone jewelry and under crystal jewelry.  The stones are the same, but rhinestone jewelry uses rhinestone chain with preset stones to create designs.  Crystal jewelry has handset stones. 


Prepare early for prom season because you want prom girls to see your selection and think of you when they need the accessories.  You also want them to tell their friends  that you are a source with a nice selection.  



dramatic crystal necklace set

Pageant and Ball Jewelry

Breath-taking Dazzle

A dramatic trend in crystal jewelry sprouted about prom time in 2013.  Glamorous necklace sets with size and sparkle to take your breath presented a new idea in dressy jewelry.  By fall, Accessories Magazine included the look in their forecast for fall trends, labeling it, "Estate Update".  The sets were a huge hit especially for New Years Eve and Mardi Gras balls.  And new creations are keeping the trend hot. 


One of the latest arrivals is the set shown that blends clear and iridescent stones.  This look will certainly continue to capture attention especially for pageant or ball jewelry.  Test the waters with this look by adding some sets to your formal jewelry.  These necklace sets are super glamorous at prices that are more affordable than you would imagine.  Sets start around $11 and $12 dollars and go up to about $39. 


summer wide brim hat

Wholesale Closeout Hats

This Month's Bargains

In the spirit of spring-cleaning, dozens of hat styles have been marked down.  You can find them in most categories and we moved a number of them to Wholesale Closeout Hats. If they work for your customer, you may want to take advantage of the pricing while inventory lasts. 
 Next Newsletter: Spring Fashion Trends, Fashion Hats, and Bridal Jewelry

Next newsletter will concentrate on fashion jewelry trends for spring and new fashion hats.  We will also cover new arrivals for bridal jewelry and accessories-a market that never ends.   Also, look forward to updates on dress hats and casual hats for spring.  Enjoy the nice weather ahead.

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