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Issue: #95 - What is the peak season for small fashion businesses and how can they capitalize?
January 2014
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More Fashion Jewelry and Accessories For Christmas and Beyond


turquoise bracelet
Gemstone Bracelets

Venetian Style Masks

Queens crown
Mardi Gras & Pageant Crowns

lavish crystal earrings
Crystal Earrings

winter wool felt church hat
Winter Church Hats

formal gloves
Formal Gloves




Happy New Year!


It's a new year for all of us.  And all of us have learned things in business throughout 2013 we didn't know a year ago.  Accessory Wholesale is beginning its 29th year and one thing we didn't know 29 years ago is the fashion industry is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.  We also didn't know when to expect good months and when to expect slower months. 


The good news is the next five months have historically been ups.  Why?  Because a line-up of events demands the merchandise you and I sell.  Right now the arctic blasts of January are demanding warm apparel and accessories.  We share that business with the majors.  But a good bit of the rest of the line-up belongs to small business.  That's great for you and me. 


Coming soon is Valentines Day followed by Mardi Gras, spring church hats and spring accessories, prom, pageant, dance competition, bridal, Easter, Mother's Day and another hat event-The Kentucky Derby. 


Cold weather hats and Mardi Gras buying is going on right now so let's start there. 






ladies winter knit hat

Winter Hats

Essential Headwear

The arctic blast we are experiencing makes cold weather apparel and accessories essential.   Is the old adage true that most body heat is lost through the head?  Only if the body is bundled up and the head is exposed without a hat.  So that's where we come in with winter hats.   


New in the wholesale winter hats category is the pompom hat shown--a cute ladies hat that comes in colors.  The knit hat has pompoms centering on the top and dangling on the sides. 


Hat scarf sets also keep your customers warm with matched coordinates that are warm and stylish.  Several styles are on the site so you can mix your order with small quantities of each to give your customers options.  Do small quantities because you can always reorder. 


The ivy cap with ear flaps that fold up inside the hat is a hat for men that is somewhat dressy and at the same time warm.  It si wool felt and comes in color choices.  We still have most of January and all of February ahead of us, so most likely the need for winter hats will continue.      




Mardi Gras Pin 94

Mardi Gras Jewelry

Mardi Gras Accessories and Ball Favors


Every year the area ordering wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry expands. Maridi Gras is no longer reserved for the stretch between Galveston and the Florida Panhandle.  Now shops all over the country are adding some Mardi Gras jewelry.  Demand is growing. 


The areas where they have krewes and parades have an added advantage.  First, anyone recently introduced to Mardi Gras customs may wonder, what is a krewe?   These are private Carnival clubs that perform any of a variety of functions.  Some put on parades, have formal balls, or engage in the parades such as marching clubs.   


Royalty and members of krewes often give favors and Mardi Gras jewelry is one of the most popular favors.  A Mardi Gras mask pin with pave crystals returns this year.  This mask pin was absent from the line for that last couple of years, but returns with a choice of silver or gold plating.   


Masks are one of the most popular themes in Mardi Gras jewelry.  Other popular themes are crowns, jesters, and comedy/tragedy.  Pins are the most popular Mardi Gras jewelry item, but every area of this category sells. 


Charm bracelets are wonderful because the arrangement of charms tell a story.  These make great souvenir items.  Visitors that attend parades in New Orleans will recognize many elements of the parade it in the charms of the bracelets.  They can take the experience home with them as lifelong memory or bring the Mardi Gras bracelets home for others that couldn't come. 


Mardi Gras season starts on January 6 and Mardi Gras Day is March 4 this year so you have a longer than usual season to sell.



wholesale lavish crystal jewelry

Ball Jewelry

Lavish Crystal Necklace Sets

New Years Eve was only the beginning for Ball and crystal jewelry.  In areas that have Mardi Gras balls, ladies attending are starting to shop for accessories.  This year you can offer a new option with lavish crystal jewelry at affordable prices-something that wasn't available a year ago.  Choose from more than 20 designs in dramatic crystal necklace sets.  You have more choices for glamorous jewelry under rhinestone sets.   


Pageant and fundraising balls are also take place over the next few months.  They are among the other events that call for dramatic crystal and rhinestone necklace sets.  In the very near future demand for prom and bridal jewelry will call for delicate sets in rhinestone.  The 2013 prom season introduced a strong preference for iridescent rhinestones in sets, bracelets, and earrings.  We expect this to continue.


Loose Beads

Sale Item for January

loose beads


Our January sale item is Loose Beads.  Everything in the category for Loose Beads is reduced to 99 cents this month.  If these beads are something new to you, here is more about them.  These beads differ from most stringing beads because they have a 4 mm opening.  They can be strung on many wire chokers, wire bracelets, and cord that is less than 4 mm thick. 


The picture shows fiber optic beads alternating with silver plated filigree beads strung on a wire choker.  The beads are wonderful for providing color to silver plated pendants on a choker.  One important use is adding school colors to jewelry.  Shops often need jewelry for the fan base of local high schools, but there are so many different combinations that no one manufacturers jewelry for these niche markets.  You, the local business, can fill this niche.  Wire chokers are available under fashion jewelry on the menu.  There are a number of themes in pendants that often match school mascots.  See if your mascot is there by using the search on the site.  Provide the components individually priced for your customers and let them build their own school jewelry.  The beads provide the school colors to enhance the mascot pendants. 


The same idea works for many other needs filled by jewelry.  Purple, yellow, and green can enhance Mardi Gras jewelry, red with silver plated filigree beads for Valentines jewelry, or pastels for Easter. If your customers like to be creative, take advantage of this month's bargain.  



Next Newsletter:  Prom, Bridal Spring Hats, and more Mardi Gras

The boom time for most major fashion retailers is the Christmas season.  For most small fashion businesses including Accessory Wholesale, it is January until May.  We need to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us, but we also must plan carefully in this fragile economy.  Have the variety to give your customers choices, but you don't need great depth.  We usually ship the same day so you always reorder and get inventory in a hurry.  Happy New Year and good luck in 2014.  
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